Determine the real market client number.

Author:Lee, Karl
Position:Outdoor marketplace

Since your objective is to increase business, will relocating attract new and non-committed customers to your great new location?

"Non-committed customers are customers who haven't purchased items from a specialty store in the past," Brill said "They may be new gun owners, or may have no idea what to expect from a specialty gunshop in terms of price, selection and service. There are many reasons that non-committed customers haven't selected a regular gunshop at which to purchase the items they need. These non-committed customers are the people who will help you grow your business."

To determine your potential in-store customers at a particular location research the traffic count. Visit your city's traffic control office and ask for the vehicle count at the specific intersection or cross street where you're considering putting your store. If that information isn't available, you can generate the count yourself.

To create your own traffic count, count the vehicles that drive by your prospective location by selecting six one-hour periods, each during a different part of the day or weekend. Sit down with no distraction and count the number of vehicles that pass your prospective location during each of those six, one-hour intervals.

Each vehicle represents an average of two people, multiplied by the six hours, which equates to six hours of active selling time per day. For example, if...

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