Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real-life Mysteries.

Author:Sadler, Karen L.
Position:Young adult review - Book review

Work Title: Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real-life Mysteries

Work Author(s): Editors of YES magazine; Rose Cowles, illustrator

Kids Can Press

48 pages, Hardcover $15.95

Middle Readers:Nonfiction

ISBN: 9781553379942

Reviewer: Karen L. Sadler

"Despite efforts in many states to bolster science education, a key national test shows no improvement." This recent statement in the Wall Street Journal stresses the continuing need for quality science materials for schoolrooms and homes.

The authors address that need with this book, which latches on to the current popularity of the CSI (crime scene investigator) television shows, and explores the science that is used all over the world to determine the whys and hows of various scientific findings. The authors also edit YES, a Canadian magazine "for Adventurous Minds" ages nine to twelve, and have previously written Fantastic Feats and Failures and The Amazing International Space Station.

In one story in this new volume, hikers found the body of a man high up in the Alps. Everything found with him, such as a metal axe, indicated that he was not recently deceased, so he was taken to local archaeologists to study. The book explains how the archaeologists used technology to understand the past experiences of this man to end up where he did, and how he was preserved by the natural environment. At the chapter's end is a project that readers can do to learn more about archaeology using objects around the home, like making their own buried "fossils" and then "thawing" them and describing how they look. This gives readers an idea of how the environment impacts both living things and inanimate objects...

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