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With endless possibilities, visitors to Gettysburg have the chance to choose from Civil War History, theater, winery tours, and fun for all ages. Although great as a way to learn about AmericaOs history in the summer months, the winter is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing followed by dinner and a show or a wine tasting. With such a varied destination, the Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau is not new to promotion on the World Wide Web. In fact, after spending much time with a .com address and then a difficult to communicate address, the Gettysburg CVB took the opportunity to register its .travel, because it said exactly what the CVB was providing [ETH] travel information. was launched in late 2006. Since its launch with a travel domain, the CVB has seen a great increase each month and year over their previous sites. When asked why the CVB adopted .travel, the Director of Marketing at the GCVB answered: OThere are SO MANY Gettysburg web sites, history web sites, ghost web sites, visitor information web sites - but only one - the official web site of the official Tourism Promotion Agency of Gettysburg and Adams Country, Pennsylvania tells the user exactly what the Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau provides, travel information to plan a visit to Gettysburg.O appears on every piece of promotional material that the GCVB uses. OIt is our main URL and our main marketing tool. We even have that we use for our group tour marketing,O added the Director of Marketing. As .travel is easy to communicate, the Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau states that it is great for advertisements and especially on the radio. OBy seeing .travel, people trust the information we are providing and can plan their visit with confidence,O said the Marketing Director. ETN is introducing its readers to .travel companies and destinations through a series of articles. If you are a .travel company and would like to share your story about how the .travel domain has helped your business, please send us an email to: . If you are interested in getting your own .travel domain, go to: To find out more about reliving the history and experiencing the passion of Gettysburg, please visit . Source: May 31, 2013

Camping goes luxe as demand for VIP "roughing it" is up The demand for upscale camping experiences in the U.S. is up, and hospitality providers are working to meet that demand. This summer, Delaware North, which oversees Yosemite National Park's Ahwahnee Hotel, will unveil Explorer Cabins that include flat-screen televisions and Wi-Fi connectivity. At Montana's Resort at Paws Up, tents include Jacuzzi tubs and a butler. May 31, 2013

API warns against impact of EPA's proposed smog rules A proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule that seeks to toughen standards for ozone pollution could stifle economic growth without improving public health, the American Petroleum Institute said. Several towns and cities have yet to fulfill a 2008 standard of 75 parts-per-billion, and any new proposals could affect businesses across the country, the group said. "These could be the costliest EPA regulations ever," said Howard Feldman, API's regulatory and scientific affairs director. May 31, 2013

Why Dr. Strangelove took sustainability seriously During the Cold War, Soviet and U.S. military strategists sought ways to destroy each other by waging "environmental war" using chemicals, nuclear devices and biological weapons. They also figured out that the best way to survive such attacks would be to develop and protect diverse ecosystems, writes historian Jacob Darwin Hamblin. "We need to stop treating the idea of biodiversity as a philosophical preference and embrace it as a strategy of survival, just as it was for those who, more than a half-century ago, planned for a calamitous total war," he writes. May 31, 2013

Why carbon capture remains a key climate tool Carbon-capture and -storage technologies remain among the most important weapons available in the battle to avert disastrous climate change, experts say. That's because CCS could dramatically reduce the cost of carbon pricing policies, allowing many coal power stations, ethanol production facilities and other industrial plants to remain profitable. "It's a solution for many areas where no, or very few, other solutions exist," says Juho Lipponen of the International Energy Agency. May 31, 2013

New Wet 'n' Wild water park opens in Las Vegas Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas brings back one of the most iconic and beloved brands to Las Vegas, introducing a new era of outdoor recreation and fun for families, thrill seekers, residents and visitors. The multimillion dollar water park opened to Gold Pass holders on Saturday, adding Season Pass holders Tuesday and daily admission June 3. During a grand opening preview Saturday, local dignitaries, park investors, employees, development team members, charitable partners, and family and friends officially welcomed the water park. Festivities included the traditional ribbon-cutting, first slide riders through an online auction benefitting the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education and Opportunity Village, guests experiencing the more than 25 slides and attractions, and fireworks. "Las Vegas is the perfect place for us with its residential base and millions of visitors, particularly for the Wet 'n' Wild brand," said Tim Fisher, CEO of Village Roadshow Theme Parks, one of the world's leading water and theme park operators that is Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas' majority owner and oversees day-to-day operations. He noted the Bring back Wet 'n Wild Facebook page's 50,000 followers. A previous Wet 'n Wild operated by another company on the Las Vegas Strip closed in 2004. "The response and support for Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas has been tremendous, and bodes well for an exceptional inaugural season." "We've created a beautiful place where families can enjoy memorable experiences and help youth build character through employment," said Roger Bulloch, investor and SPB Partners co-founder and managing principal, who with his brother and partner Scott Bulloch had the dream to build a Las Vegas water park and put the team together. Wet 'n' Wild features Rattler, a first-of-its-kind slide in North America; Constrictor, a Top 5 water slide by the Travel Channel's 2012 Extreme Water Parks program; Splash Island interactive children's area; Colorado Cooler lazy river; Red Rock Bay Wave Pool; and other exhilarating slides. With great amenities including shaded areas, misting systems, and private cabana and Xpress Band rentals, the park is ideal for all ages to beat the heat. May 31, 2013

Top 3 luxury bistros of San DiegoOs Little Italy A coastal city of Southern California, San Diego is known for its relaxed attitude, friendly people andNdespite its modest sizeNa rather diverse selection of gastronomical delights. Adjacent to the downtown city center is the beautiful neighborhood of Little Italy. As one would expect, the area is home to the most authentic Italian food in town. Additionally, other gems of restaurants have taken root in the community, rounding out the fine dining selection in one of San DiegoOs most happening places to live, work, play and eat: Davanti Enoteca Situated right in the heart of Little Italy on India Street, Davanti is the kind of place that welcomes guests with warmth, complete with a disarming sense of familiarity. True to its Italian roots, the bistro boasts a spirited atmosphere, superb cuisine and servers well-versed with its menu. Revel in the bistroOs central, outdoor patio made festive with rustic, cabana-like booths and strings of lights. Start dinner the right way with wine and focaccia di Recco, a delicious flat bread stuffed with soft cow cheese and side of honeycomb. For the main course, Riccio di Mare e Granchio will satisfy seafood cravings with its sea urchin and crab meat in a bed of linguine! Davanti, Little Italy, San Diego Prepkitchen Overlooking the neighborhood from its second story perch, Prepkitchen beckons the famished with its uniquely urban street-front aesthetic. Upon consumption of its famously seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine, expect a dinerOs deal sealed with a culinary kiss. While the restaurant keeps its downtown cool, it plays no games with regards to using fresh, quality ingredients. In fact, its menu is known to change frequently, depending upon what is locally available. Go in at the right time or call ahead to prevent missing out on the Charred Octopus Chorizo or Roasted Pork Belly. For heartier cravings, try the Fusilli Bolognese, a flavorful pasta dish of beef, porcini, tomato, rosemary and Parmigian-Reggiano. Fresh and flavorful, to dine at Prepkitchen is truly an urban delight. Prepkitchen, Little Italy, San Diego Extraordinary Desserts Nestled inconspicuously among lofty townhouses, Extraordinary Desserts is a romantic bistro specializing in small bites, salads, paninis and, no surprise, desserts. Modernity and art must also be part of the house menu, as the ambience and design concept cannot be described without using both those terms. The dining experience itself is a work of art; thoughtfully crafted menu items such as the Imported Italian Tuna Panini make for a scrumptious meal, especially when followed by a fresh fruit tarte. Or, indulge on a Wednesday night, when the bistro sets up a buffet-style bar of imported and domestic gourmet cheese. Of course, another option would be to simply end a promising first date by sharing one of the houseOs gilded cakes. And yes, you read that correctly N Extraordinary Desserts gives Othe Midas touchO a whole new meaning...

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