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Solar panels are helping Haitians become business owners Two years after Haiti's devastating earthquake, aid groups are using sustainable techniques to help residents. Portable solar panels allow people to power lights, radios and cellphones, and the program provider says they've proven to be a stepping stone for people to become entrepreneurs. "Using innovative solutions, like solar energy, to facilitate vital transitional [programs] is proving to be hugely successful," writes Duncan Lewis. Jan 12, 2012

Co-op vineyards in Argentina offer the thrill of winemaking Wine enthusiasts can experience the wonders of the winemaking process for themselves by investing in one of the parcels of land in the Vines of Mendoza, a co-op vineyard in western Argentina. The possibly meager profits from such a venture pale in comparison to the joy of the process, from planting to bottling the finished wines, as well as the breathtaking views of the rolling Argentine plains, this feature says. Jan 10, 2012

Aircastle, Orbis Aircastle Announces Joint Effort with ORBIS International to Provide Additional Eye Care Services to Post-Earthquake Haiti. Aircastle Limited announced today that it is partnering with ORBIS International to provide eye care services to Haiti to further the country's reconstruction following the 2010 earthquake. ORBIS prevents and treats blindness by providing quality eye care to transform lives. Aircastle CEO, Ron Wainshal, commented, "As part of our efforts to provide relief aid to Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010, we are partnering with ORBIS International, an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness. ORBIS will be delivering medical treatment to those suffering from blindness in Haiti and helping to rebuild its infrastructure in ophthalmology, and we are proud to offer our assistance for this important cause." Dr. Barbara DeBuono, President and CEO of ORBIS, stated, "Aircastle's commitment will help alleviate the burden of preventable blindness in post-earthquake Haiti. We commend its on-going support of Haiti and its people." Aircastle donated to this effort in late 2011, and will contribute again in 2012. Jan 12, 2012

Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean New Orleans cruise tourism is rebounding after Katrina. The Port of New Orleans is getting ready to reach the milestone of receiving more than 1 million passengers this year. Booming business from the return of Carnival Cruise Line's Elation and Conquest and Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas continues to lift the industry and the city's economy past 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Significant investments in terminal upgrades have restored the port's appeal to cruise lines, bringing with it a rise in disembarking and spending by visitors. Jan 9, 2012

Cheapflights Readies for the Red Carpet. With less than 10 days to go until the kick-off of Robert Redford's world famous Sundance Film Festival, the film buffs here at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, are all abuzz. To help everyone gear up for the 2012 movie season, we have compiled our Top 10 Film Festivals Around the World. A one-of-a-kind experience, film festivals offer the opportunity to explore the art of filmmaking with other enthusiasts, listen to the creators talk about their work, visit an exciting destination and, of course, spot a celeb or two. Find out what makes our team's favorite cinema events unique with our list of Top 10 Film Festivals Around the World. If you're keen to be among the first to screen some of 2012's great new flicks, below are five film fests that you can catch over the next few months. [yen]Sundance Film Festival -- Park City, Utah, United States - Sundance Film Festival started out in 1978 as an event designed to attract more filmmakers to Utah while staying away from the overpowering Hollywood scene. Thirty-four years later, Sundance is the largest independent film festival in the United States, exhibiting feature-length films, documentaries, shorts, and animation while fostering dialogues among film enthusiasts. This year, the festival will run from Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah, showcasing 200 films whittled down from nearly 9,000 submissions. Can't make it to the big event? On Jan 26, nine movie theaters across the United States will be hosting a filmmaker and his or her work as part of Sundance Film Festival USA, so you may be able to participate in the festivities wherever you are. Search and compare cheap flights to Park City. [yen]International Film Festival Rotterdam -- Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Though it receives less tourist traffic than its neighboring city, Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a modern representation of Dutch culture, and its annual film festival is constantly paving the way for all genres of innovative and thought-provoking cinema. This year's event will run from Jan. 25 to Feb. 5, and will encompass 19 screening venues -- upwards of 350,000 viewers are expected to attend. Rotterdam attendees are passionate movie-goers, so program directors make a point of stripping down the superfluous aspects of film, like commercials and trailers, for an untarnished viewing experience. Search and compare cheap flights to the Netherlands. [yen]Guadalajara Film Festival -- Guadalajara, Mexico - Considered the most significant film affair in Latin America, Guadalajara Film Festival is an important cultural event, showcasing Mexican and Latino talent alongside other international works of cinematic art. Thanks to Guadalajara Film Festival, Latin American film has become a competitor in the global film industry. From March 2-12, over 100,000 film lovers are expected to flood the streets and theaters of Guadalajara, viewing close to 200 films. While not as chaotic as Mexico City, Guadalajara is a destination perfect for exploring colonial history, enjoying the Mexican culture, shopping street markets and savoring traditional regional cuisine. Search and compare cheap flights to Mexico. [yen]Hong Kong International Film Festival -- Hong Kong, China - The perfect blend of East Asian culture and a thriving global market, Hong Kong is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It's no wonder that the Hong Kong International Film Festival has become one of the largest in the world, and has bridged the gap between Asian cinema and the global film industry. This year's event will take place from March 21 to April 5, showcasing more than 330 titles from 50 countries to an expected 600,000...

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