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New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Destination News Europe) Jun 20, 2010

Swiss hostage freed in Philippines An elderly Swiss man rescued after two months held captive by suspected Islamist militants in the Philippines said Wednesday that his abductors had threatened to cut his throat. A weary looking Carl Rieth, 72, also said he had suffered from exhaustion as his kidnappers moved him through rough terrain and to different safehouses in the remote south of the country that is home to Muslim rebels and bandits. Rieth was brought before reporters for a short press conference in the southern port city of Zamboanga within hours of his pre-dawn rescue from a nearby coastal village. At least eight heavily armed men snatched Rieth, a businessman and a long-time resident of Zamboanga, from his beachfront home on April 4. No one claimed responsibility for his abduction, although regional military chief Lieutenant General Benjamin Dolorfino said Wednesday the Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group was suspected of being behind the crime. Jun 17, 2010

Seaside villas are for rent Europe's leading seaside villas are for rent. Spain, Italy, Greece and other European countries feature seaside villas available for rent. In Lanzarote, Spain, for example, the Eco Fisherman's Cottage is a solar-powered villa located on the seafront. The Roman Villa is a Dalmatian-style property on the Croatian island of Brac. Jun 15, 2010

Athens Context, an urban walking tour specialist offering scholar-led cultural tours, expanded its operations to Athens. Working with archeologists and classical historians at some of the top research institutions and museums in the city, the operator will be offering a series of three-hour Owalking seminarsO on such topics as Byzantine art, religion in antiquity, and daily life in ancient Athens. The program complements ContextOs walks in Istanbul and forms the next step in a wider Eastern Mediterranean offering. As with its programs elsewhere, Context will cap its group walks in Athens at six participants, the lowest group size in the walking tour industry. Lasting three hours on average and led by Ph.D.-level scholars and specialists, walks will appeal to independent travelers who want to acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation for Athens and its history. Initial offerings include two walks on antiquities: the Acropolis Seminar and Daily Life in Ancient Athens. The former focuses on the role of religion and the Acropolis in ancient Athens and...

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