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New York (AirGuide - Destination News Asia / Pacific) Jan 22, 2012

Bali Bali growing into popular port of call for large cruise ships. On Monday, January 16, Bali registered a new record when the huge, 264-meter MV Legend of the Seas cruise ship carrying 2,300 passengers, berthed alongside the pier at Benoa harbor in South Bali. Passengers stayed to enjoy the bewitching island for three days from January 16-18, 2012. This is the first time that a cruise ship of this length and capacity could enter the narrow channel, and berth alongside the pier since this was extended, ready to cater to longer ships. The channel was deepened to 12 meters and also widened to 150 meters to allow ships to maneuver, explained Iwan Sabatini, General Manager of Pelindo Benoa, in charge of Bali harbors. Bali has become a popular destination for cruise ships, both on long around-the-world voyages, as well as on regional cruising, continued Iwan. In 2011, a total of 35 cruise ships called on Benoa, exceeding the original target of 28 ships to this port last year. For 2012, Benoa is expected to receive at least 38 cruise ships with 8 ships calling at Tanah Ampo in East Bali. Another Bali harbor is Celukan Bawang, where the Seaborn Adventure cruise ship will call on January 22. In January, the Spirit of Adventure, carrying 264 passengers, called on Benoa, as did the Azamara with 800 passengers last December, as well as the 160-meter Athena with 518 passengers. More regional ships are now also making Bali a turnaround port, serving among others, destinations between Australia and Bali, calling on Komodo Island and islands in the Maluku and Papua archipelagos. Iwan was also proud to announce that Benoa Bali received OThe Best Port WelcomeO award among the Dream Awards given by Dream Destinations magazine in the UK. Jan 20, 2012

BBI MEDIA Former President of Seychelles gets first documentary screening in Australia. The final version of the documentary, OSeychelles Global Citizen [ETH] The Life and Times of Sir James R. Mancham,O produced by BBI MEDIA, Australia, was shown for the first time in Australia on January 6, 2012 at a reception hosted by its producer, Ben Boultbee, at his Brisbane residence. Mr. Boultbee, who had just returned from Singapore, announced that the film has been shortlisted among six other documentaries for Super pitch at the Singapore Asian Pacific Television award convention 2012. The first edition of the documentary was privately shown to selected audiences in Seychelles last year, before it was known that former President Mancham had won the Gusi Peace prize 2011 for statesmanship. The final edition of the documentary, which was shown on January 6, culminates with the Gusi Peace Prize awards ceremony, which took place on November 24, 2011 at the Phillippines Convention Center in Manila. According to Garry Gibson of Epix Productions and former producer of Australian Channel Nine TV network, who was a guest at the Brisbane reception, there is a growing interest in Australia in a documentary of this kind as the Australians reflect on their colonial history as part of the on-going debate...

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