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New York (AirGuide - Destination News - Food) Jun 10, 2013

Full moon parties take off in Thailand Thailand is where the idea of full moon parties really began, on the island of Pha Ngan, and the idea has now spread to Phuket. Seeing this a tourism opportunity, the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket was one of the first hotels to have its own Full Moon Party, hosted on Karon Beach. The event at Pha Ngan has become world-famous since the first was held in 1985, drawing thousands of revelers each month to the islandOs Haad Rin town and beach and generating huge revenues. OPhuket is such a successful tourist destination that it may surprise some this hasnOt been done before,O says Denis Thouvard, Area General Manager of Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket. OHowever, when the situation is looked at more closely, there are not that many locations for prime full moon viewing directly from a beach, and what better place to have a Full Moon Party?O The resortOs Full Moon Party is proving very popular, not just with its own guests but with other tourists staying in Karon and even further afield. The next Full Moon Party at the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket will be on the night of Tuesday, July 3, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the resortsO Cove restaurant and will include a BBQ buffet, live music, and dancing. Mr. Thouvard believes that CentaraOs Full Moon Party will establish Karon as the go-to destination for those who have no plans to travel to the Gulf of Thailand, where Pha Ngan is located. OKaron is not going to be on anything like the same scale as Haad Rin, as the tourist profile and the facilities are so different, but as a magical moonlit evening, with music, food, and the ocean, it does make a very attractive alternative,O he says. OSo far, our own Full Moon Party has been attracting a wide selection of guests, ranging from singles and couples through to groups and families with young children. Everyone has a great time, the kids included.O Jun 9, 2013

Passenger pleads guily to interfering with flight crew members on Hawaii flight An airline passenger accused of getting out of control during an 11-hour New York-to-Hawaii flight has pleaded guilty to interfering with flight crew members and attendants N even though he says he has no memory of the incident. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that 43-year-old Ricardo Caceres entered his plea in U.S. District Court in Honolulu on Friday. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison during a hearing set for September. The newspaper reports that Caceres, a native of Mexico, may also face immigration consequences. Caceres was accused of throwing water and spitting food at a flight attendant, then shoving the attendant against lavatory doors. The FBI says Caceres also bit a Federal Air Marshal deputy on the leg while authorities were trying to handcuff him. Jun 9, 2013

Recipe of the week: Wild sea bass with baby fennel, capers and lemon Wild sea bass is recommended for this dish. It is more expensive than from the farm but it is worthwhile going that extra mile. The sea bass that are found in the English Channel are the best in the chefOs opinion [ETH] they are very tasty, flaky and have an amazing texture. This is a very light Summery dish: the anise flavour of the fennel works very well with the sea bass and the lemon and capers bring our the acidity to help balance the dish. Sea bass Ingredients 1 sea bass fillet 1 piece baby fennel cut in half (or 1/4 normal fennel bulb) One lemon wedge cut into small pieces 1 tbsp drained capers 2 tbsp blended oil 1tsp good extra virgin olive oil Sea salt Directions Heat the blended oil in a heavy duty saut pan until hot, but not smoking. Season both sides of the sea bass with sea salt. Place fish skin side down in the pan and press lightly with a spatula to keep the skin from shrinking. When the skin is crispy and starting to brown, flip it over. Cook for another 30 seconds, remove to a plate and let it rest. In the meantime, in the same oil, saut the fennel until lightly brown and tender, 4-5 minutes. You are now ready to plate! Place fish in the middle of the plate, top with baby fennel, surround with extra virgin olive oil, capers, and lemon. Thank you to George Yaneff, Head Chef at DSTRKT London, for the recipe. If you have a recipe you would like to share with A Luxury Travel BlogOs readers, please contact us. Jun 7, 2013

What makes a great beach bar? Anyone can stick up a shack on the sand, stock it with beers and call it a beach bar. But what makes a great beach bar? Read this on CNN: Jun 7, 2013

Sioux City Council approves financing for Hard Rock Casino The City Council in Sioux City, Iowa, approved tax-increment financing of $22 million for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The council also voted to vacate one street block for the casino project. "The Hard Rock Casino is putting Sioux City on the map. We will be a destination point and it will spin off more new businesses," said Rhonda Capron, council member. Jun 5, 2013

European carriers appeal to all fliers with upscale, add-on meals The days of bland economy-class food are numbered, with EuropeOs full-service carriers dishing up gourmet menus reminiscent of the golden age of air travel as they look for ways to squeeze more revenue out of passengers. Enlarge image Air Canada Chief Executive Officer Calin Rovinescu Air Canada Chief Executive Officer Calin Rovinescu said, OIn terms of competing with new entrants, with folks who have a significantly lower cost than we do, the best way of competing was to give the exact same price on the base fare and then start incrementally adding to that.O Photographer: Nadine Hutton/Bloomberg Enlarge image Mystery Meat No More as Airlines Go Upscale to Milk Extra Profit British Airways in February started sales of cheaper hand-luggage-only tickets, a move consumer groups say amounts to charging for checked bags. As well as establishing checked luggage as a generator of revenue, the move has the advantage of reducing take-off weight, allowing for lower fuel consumption and faster turnaround times. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg Air France is tempting economy-class customers with paid-for meal upgrades featuring foie gras terrine, and Austrian Airlines has Wiener schnitzel and sushi among its 15-euro ($19.60) in-flight nourishments. TheyOre part of a growing trend of carriers charging for auxiliary services, including lounge access or individual aircraft seat choice. The move comes two decades after Ryanair Holdings Plc started a cultural revolution in Europe by making passengers pay for snacks and drinks. So-called ancillary sales ranging from food to overhead-bin space have jumped more than tenfold to $36 billion since 2007, amounting to 5 percent of the total $680 billion earned by airlines last year, International Air Transport Association Chief Executive Officer Tony Tyler said. OThe low-cost carriers have taken ancillary revenue from a normal way of doing business and turned it almost into an art form,O said John Dabkowski, managing director for airline technology company Navitaire Inc. OTheyOve set the customerOs expectation, so people now are not offended by it.O Untapped Niches Ancillary sales will rise to $50 billion in the next five years, John Thomas, a senior managing director at L.E.K. Consulting LLC said this week in Cape Town, where IATA held its annual meeting to discuss industry trends. Revenue streams that remain untapped -- in-flight entertainment, wireless access and shopping -- could be worth about $5 billion, he said. OWhen people get on board an aircraft, theyOre actually in a great retail mindset,O Thomas said. OAbout an hour into the flight, they start to relax and their mind opens.O Opening their wallets, too, has become a major ambition of airlines. Air Canada has seen ancillary revenues for services ranging from baggage fees to lounge access climb 30 percent annually since 2009, CEO Calin Rovinescu said. OIn terms of competing with new entrants, with folks who have a significantly lower cost than we do, the best way of competing was to give the exact same price on the base fare and then start incrementally adding to that,O Rovinescu said. Air France sold more than 26,000 menu upgrades priced at 12 euros and 28 euros to economy- and premium-economy fliers in the nine months to March 31. The Paris-based carrierOs duck confit with mushrooms and sauteed potatoes, followed by Opera cake for dessert, costs 18 euros. EasyJet Plc, EuropeOs No. 2 discount carrier, charges 8 euros for its Omeal dealO featuring a sandwich, tea or coffee and a Twix chocolate bar. New Model OWeOre moving away from historic all-in pricing,O said Donal OONeill, an analyst at Goodbody Stockbrokers in Dublin. OFor airlines like Air France, where the margins are so razor thin at the moment, every cost saving can be material.O Pre-booking is key to boosting quality while trimming waste, helping to make the paid-for-food model cost effective, said Caroline Hanly, head of catering at Dublin-based Aer Lingus Group Plc, which began offering three-course upgrades to economy-class passengers on trans-Atlantic trips in February. OWeOre going to know exactly how many people on board are going to want certain meals,O Hanly said in an interview. By selecting traditional Irish fare such as soda bread and black pudding, itOs also an opportunity for Aer Lingus to highlight its status as an indigenous Irish brand, she said. Design Challenges Regardless of the quality of food, catering also poses a design challenge to manufacturers Airbus SAS and Boeing, who must build galleys sufficiently large to cater for three meals on long-distance flights lasting more than 12 hours, said Tim Clark, president of Emirates, the worldOs largest airline known for its lavish premium product including in-flight showers. ne million bacon sandwiches in 2012 from its OCafe in...

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