Destination: balkanizationland.

Author:Vadot, Nickolas

Sick of us all being in the same boat.

It dilutes our own true national identity!

I'm all For other people, but not these people!

Cast off!

Alone at last!

Free at last!

Pure at last!

Hey, you lazy jerks, you're not paddling much!

What's the point of starting a revolution and ending up with dead weight?!

C'mon, let's get out.

Fresh air at last!

No time to waste with scroungers!

Hey, why am I the one always catching the fish?

It doesn't mean you have to eat them all, you fat ass!

Come again?!

Yeah, that's it, claim your independence, you Foreigner!

%g# Globalist!

Got away From that xenophobic wog at last!

Well, being on one's own is nice, but ...

I feel lonely! Can't stand myself anymore!

Farewell, cruel world, I'm about to operate--an inner partition.

What's the key to self-determination?


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