Designing Your Life.

Author:Massue, Mireille
Position:Book review

Designing Your Life, by Connie Komack, Book, 2006, Lifework Enterprises, $75.

Happiness is a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, it you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.-- Nathaniel Hawthorne Butterflies and their symbolism have always fascinated me. In the fall, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Scientists are puzzled by why they travel to Mexico and how they even know where Mexico is.

In mythology and art, the caterpillar, the larva of a butterfly, is associated with disease. Once it spins itself into a cocoon, the caterpillar spends a period of seclusion (cocooning) transforming itself and emerging as a butterfly. As a symbol, people associate the butterfly with positive transformation, change, rebirth, renewal, hope, and freedom.

Why the butterfly?

LifeWork Enterprise's logo is the Monarch butterfly. As the symbol suggests, the firm provides services and support to help transform the growth and development of people, businesses, and organizations. Connie Komack, founder of LifeWork Enterprises, is a coach, trainer, speaker--and author of Designing Your Life: A Life/Work Empowerment Program.

It's a 178-page easy-to-use spiralbound workbook of exercises, questions, and suggestions to help you turn your "dis-ease" (unease with one's life) into a journey of self-discovery. Each chapter is like a piece of a puzzle.

When completed, it forms a picture of the strategies and tactics to help you reach your chosen goals. As the workbook format implies, Designing Your Life is designed for hands-on individual use, but it can also can be used in the classroom or in one-on-one coaching

Four questions

The book is organized around four questions:

Who am I? Taking Stock

Thirty-five exercises ask you to identify and examine your interests, values, both your empowering and limiting beliefs, strengths, talents, personality traits, aptitudes, and purpose. The section ends with a four-page summary of who you are.

Where am I going? Envisioning the Future

Exercises like 'The Want List,' 'Lottery Exercise,' 'Eight-Area Visioning List,' and 'Career/Life Fantasy' which is one of the key exercises in this section that help you identify and explore your wants, wishes, hopes, dreams, and goals for your future.

The Career/Life Fantasy on page 94 is the key exercise of this section as far as I'm concerned.

How will I get there? Planning and Taking Action

Henry David Thoreau once said...

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