Desert Eagle.

Author:Diaz, Joe
Position:CROSSFIRE: LETTERS TO GUNS - Letter to the Editor

I read the article that John Taffin wrote for the August GUNS and had some additions, if the old sixgunner doesn't mind. The Desert Eagle pistol comes in three generations, Mark I, Mark VII and Mark XIX. Telling these apart can be hard, but is necessary if you want to convert a .357, .41 or .44 to .50 AE. The Mark I is visibly different in the slide area. The cocking serrations are shaped differently and these can not be converted to the big .50. The Mk VII can be converted from .50 to .357 or .44, but not .41, if it is already the .50 AE version, using Mk XIX components. You can tell these pistols as they are marked clearly on the slide what caliber they are, and the .44 and .357 do not have the Weaver rail atop the barrel. Obviously the Mk XIX can fire any of these chamberings if the proper parts are purchased.

Also, the Desert Eagle's magazine must be allowed to...

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