Dept. Of Education Study Finds D.C. Voucher Program Continues To Fail Students.


A few weeks after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos hyped private school voucher schemes during her testimony before the House Education and Workforce Committee, DeVos' own Department of Education released the latest in a string of studies to find that private school vouchers aren't improving student achievement.

In fact, the new study on the effects of the Washington, D.C., voucher program--the only federally funded voucher program--found that students with vouchers are performing worse academically than their peers not in the program. And voucher students' scores were worse this year than they were last year.

When comparing students using a voucher with those students who applied for but were denied a voucher, the study found that voucher students overall performed 10 percentage points worse in math. This represents an even greater decrease in voucher students' negative math performance from the previous year's study--meaning that the gap in math achievement between voucher students and non-voucher students is growing.

D.C. students entering kindergarten...

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