Department of Transportation



400 Seventh Street SW., Washington, DC 20590

Phone, 202-366-4000. Internet,


Chief of Staff Jerry Malone

Deputy Chiefs of Staff Carrie Hyun, B.A. Rudolph

White House Liaison (vacancy)

Special Assistants to the Secretary Jose Ceballos, Judi Gold, Murray D. Rapp

Deputy Secretary Mortimer L. Downey

Director of Drug and Alcohol Policy Mary Bernstein

and Compliance

Associate Deputy Secretary and Director, Office (vacancy)

of Intermodalism

Deputy Director Richard M. Biter

Director, Executive Secretariat Jamie Shell Williams

Chairman, Board of Contract Appeals Thaddeus V. Ware

Director of Civil Rights Ronald A. Stroman

Director of Small and Disadvantaged Business Luz A. Hopewell


Director of Intelligence and Security Rear Adm. J.A. (Bert) Kinghorn, USCG

Chief Information Officer Eugene K. Taylor, Jr.

Inspector General Kenneth M. Mead

Deputy Inspector General Raymond J. DeCarli

Senior Counsel to the Inspector Roger P. Williams


Assistant Inspector General for Lawrence H. Weintrob


Assistant Inspector General for Todd J. Zinser


Deputy Assistant Inspector General Donald L. Wiseman

for Investigations

Deputy Assistant Inspector General Alexis Stefani

for Aviation

Deputy Assistant Inspector General John Meche

for Financial and Information Technology

Deputy Assistant Inspector General Patricia Thompson

for Surface Transportation

Deputy Assistant Inspector General Thomas Howard

for Maritime and Departmental Programs

General Counsel Nancy E. McFadden

Deputy General Counsel Rosalind A. Knapp

Special Counsel (vacancy)

Assistant General Counsel for Roberta D. Gabel

Environmental, Civil Rights, and General Law

Deputy Assistants James R. Dann, David K. Tochen

Patent Counsel Otto M. Wildensteiner

Chief, Freedom of Information Act (vacancy)


Assistant General Counsel for Donald H. Horn

International Law

Deputy Assistant Joseph A. Brooks

Assistant General Counsel for Paul M. Geier


Deputy Assistant Dale C. Andrews

Assistant General Counsel for Thomas W. Herlihy


Deputy Assistant Jane B. DeCell

Assistant General Counsel for Neil R. Eisner

Regulation and Enforcement

Deputy Assistant Robert C. Ashby

Chairman, Board for Correction of Robert H. Joost

Military Records

Deputy Chairman Dorothy J. Ulmer

Assistant General Counsel for Samuel Podberesky

Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings

Deputy Assistant Dayton Lehman, Jr.

Assistant Director for Aviation (vacancy)

Consumer Protection

Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy Eugene A. Conti, Jr.

Deputy Assistant Secretaries Joseph F. Canny, Albert C. Eisenberg

Director of Transportation Policy Linda Lawson, Acting


Assistant Secretary for Aviation and A. Bradley Mims, International Affairs Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretaries A. Bradley Mims, Patrick V. Murphy, Jr.

Director of International Bernard Gaillard

Transportation and Trade

Director of International Aviation Paul Gretch

Director of Aviation Analysis John Coleman

Director of Aviation and James Craun

International Economics

Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs and Peter J. Basso

Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Assistant Secretary (vacancy)

Deputy Chief Financial Officer David K. Kleinberg

Director of Budget and Program Beverly Pheto


Director of Financial Management Thomas A. Park

Assistant Secretary for Administration Melissa J. Allen

Director of Human Resource William H. Freed, Management Acting

Director of Security and William E. Todd

Administrative Management

Director of Business Process and David J. Litman

Capital Asset Management

Director of Hearings Roy J. Maurer

Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs (vacancy)

Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael J. Frazier

Director of Congressional Affairs Nadine Hamilton

Director of Intergovernmental Evelyn Fierro


Assistant to the Secretary and Director of William H. Schulz

Public Affairs

Deputy Director of Public Affairs (vacancy)

Director, Transportation Administrative Service George C. Fields


Principal, Customer Service Patricia Parrish

Principal, Business Support Ed Hansen

Principal, Worklife Wellness Linda Rhoads

Principal, Facilities Service Center Janet Kraus

Principal, Learning and Development Frederica Burnett

Principal, Space Management Eugene Spruill

Principal, Security Operations Jeff Johns

Principal, Information Services Patricia Prosperi

Principal, Information Systems David Chao

Management Consulting

Principal, Information Technology Holly Twining


Principal, Acquisition Services Richard Lieber

Principal, Human Resource Services Terry Smith


2100 Second Street SE., Washington, DC 20593-0001

Phone, 202-267-2229. Internet,

Commandant Adm. James M. Loy, USCG

Vice Commandant Vice Adm. James C. Card, USCG

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Vincent W. Patton III, Coast Guard USCG

Chaplain Capt. Leroy Gilbert, USN

International Affairs Director/ Gerard P. Yoest

Foreign Policy Adviser

Chief Administrative Law Judge Joseph N. Ingolia

Chairman, Marine Safety Council Rear Adm. James S. Carmichael, USCG

Assistant Commandant for Congressional and Rear Adm. Patrick M. Public Affairs Stillman, USCG

Chief of Staff Vice Adm. Timothy W. Josiah, USCG

Deputy Chief of Staff Capt. Timothy L. Terriberry, USCG

Director of Resources Rear Adm. David R. Nicholson, USCG

Director of Finance and Procurement William H. Campbell

Assistant Commandant for Acquisition Rear Adm. Roy J. Casto, USCG

Assistant Commandant for Systems Rear Adm. Ronald F. Silva, USCG

Chief, Office of Civil Rights Walter R. Somerville

Medical Adviser to the Commandant and Director Rear Adm. Joyce M. of Health and Safety Johnson, USPHS

Chief Counsel Rear Adm. James S. Carmichael, USCG

Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety Rear Adm. Robert C. North, USCG

Assistant Commandant for Operations Rear Adm. Ernest R. Riutta, USCG

Assistant Commandant for Human Resources Rear Adm. Fred L. Ames, USCG

Director of Personnel Management Rear Adm. Robert C. Olsen, USCG

Director of Reserve and Training Rear Adm. Robert D. Sirois, USCG

Director of Information and Technology Rear Adm. George N. Naccara, USCG

Director of Operations Policy Rear Adm. Terry M. Cross, USCG


800 Independence Avenue SW., Washington, DC 20591

Phone, 202-366-4000

Administrator Jane F. Garvey

Deputy Administrator Monte R. Belger, Acting

Associate Administrator for Airports Susan L. Kurland

Deputy Associate Administrator for Quentin S. Taylor


Director of Airport Planning and Paul L. Galis


Director of Airport Safety and David L. Bennett


Chief Counsel Nicholas Garaufis

Chief Information Officer Daniel J. Mehan

Associate Administrator for Civil Aviation Cathal L. Flynn


Deputy Associate Administrator for William Davis

Civil Aviation Security

Director of Civil Aviation Security Patrick T. McDonnell


Director of Civil Aviation Security Bruce R. Butterworth


Director of Civil Aviation Security Anthony Fainberg

Policy and Planning

Assistant Administrator for Civil Rights Fanny Rivera

Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Patricia Grace Smith


Deputy Associate Administrator for Joseph A. Hawkins

Commercial Space Transportation

Director, Free Flight Phase One Charles Keegan

Program Office

Assistant Administrator for Government and Suzanne Sullivan

Industry Affairs

Assistant Administrator for Financial Services Carl B. Schellenberg

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Paulette Lutjens, Financial Services Acting

Director of Budget Paulette Lutjens, Acting

Director of Financial Management Patrick J. Heidenthal, Acting

Director of Performance Management Larry Covington

Assistant Administrator for Human Resource Glenda Tate


Director of Labor and Employee Raymond B. Thoman


Director of Personnel Stephen M. Soffe, Acting

Director of Training Carson K. Eoyang

Director, Center for Management Woodie Woodward


Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning, David B. Traynham

and International Aviation

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy, Louise E. Maillett

Planning, and International Aviation

Director of Aviation Policy and John M. Rodgers


Director of Environment and Energy James D. Erickson

Director of International Aviation Joan W. Bauerlein

Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs Eliot B. Brenner

Assistant Administrator for Region and Center Ruth A. Leverenz


Assistant Administrator for System Safety Christopher A. Hart

Associate Administrator for Regulation and Thomas E. McSweeney


Deputy Associate Administrator for Peggy M. Gilligan

Regulation and Certification

Federal Air Surgeon Jon L. Jordan

Director of Accident Investigation David F. Thomas

Director, Aircraft Certification Elizabeth Erickson


Director, Flight Standards Service L. Nick Lacey

Director of Rulemaking Ida Klepper, Acting

Associate Administrator for Air Traffic Services Steven J. Brown, Acting

Deputy Associate Administrator for Steven J. Brown

Air Traffic Services

Director, Air Traffic Service Ronald E. Morgan

Director, Air Traffic System James H. Washington

Requirements Service

Director, Airway Facilities Service Stanley Rivers

Director of System Capacity Paula R. Lewis

Director of Independent Operational A. Martin Phillips

Test and Evaluation

Associate Administrator for Research and Steve Zaidman


Deputy Associate Administrator for Dennis N. DeGaetano

Research and Acquisitions

Director of Acquisitions Gilbert B. Devey

Director of Air Traffic Systems Peter H. Challan


Director of Aviation Research Herman A. Rediess

Director of Communications, Shelly L. Myers

Navigation, and Surveillance Systems

Director of System Architecture and John A. Scardina

Investment Analysis

Director of Business Management Lauraline Gregory, Acting


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