Department of the Treasury


1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20220

Phone, 202-622-2000


Deputy Secretary Lawrence H. Summers

Chief of Staff Michael Froman

Executive Secretary J. Benjamin H. Nye

Under Secretary (Domestic Finance) John D. Hawke, Jr.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Mozelle W. Thompson

for Government Finance Policy Analysis

Director, Office of Corporate (vacancy)


Director, Office of Government Charles D. Haworth


Director, Office of Synthetic (vacancy)


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Michael Barr

Community Development Policy

Director, Community Development Kirsten Moy

Financial Institutions Fund

Assistant Secretary (Financial Institutions) Richard S. Carnell

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Financial Institutions Policy

Director, Office of Policy Gordon Eastburn

Planning and Analysis

Director, Office of Financial Joan Affleck-Smith

Institutions Policy

Assistant Secretary (Financial Markets) (vacancy)

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Roger L. Anderson

Federal Finance

Director, Office of Market Jill K. Ouseley


Director, Office of Federal Norman K. Carleton

Finance Policy Analysis

Fiscal Assistant Secretary Gerald Murphy

Deputy Fiscal Assistant Secretary Donald Hammond

Assistant Fiscal Assistant John A. Kilcoyne


Director, Office of Cash and Donald A. Chiodo

Debt Management

Senior Adviser for Fiscal Roger A. Bezdek


Under Secretary (Enforcement) Raymond W. Kelly

Assistant Secretary (Enforcement) James E. Johnson

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Law Elisabeth Bresee


Director, Project Outreach Herbert Jones

Director, Executive Office of Jan Blanton

Asset Forfeiture

Director, Office of Financial Crimes Stanley E. Morris

Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

Deputy Assistant Secretary John P. Simpson

(Regulatory, Tariff, and Trade Enforcement)

Director, Office of Foreign R. Richard Newcomb

Assets Control

Director, Office of Trade and Dennis M. O'Connell

Tariff Affairs

Assistant Secretary (Economic Policy) Joshua Gotbaum

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Economic Policy

Director, Office of Financial John H. Auten


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Robert F. Gillingham

Policy Coordination

Director, Office of Economic (vacancy)


Director, Office of Policy John C. Hambor


Director, Office of Thomas A. McCown, Jr.

International Financial Analysis

Director, Office of Foreign William L. Griever

Portfolio Investment Survey

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Jonathan Gruber

Policy Analysis

General Counsel Edward S. Knight

Deputy General Counsel Neal Wolin

Associate General Counsel Richard S. Carro

(Legislation, Litigation, and Regulation)

Assistant General Counsel (Banking John E. Bowman

and Finance)

Assistant General Counsel Robert M. McNamara,

(Enforcement) Jr.

Assistant General Counsel (General Kenneth R. Schmalzbach

Law and Ethics)

Assistant General Counsel Russell L. Munk

(International Affairs)

Tax Legislative Counsel Mike Thomson

International Tax Counsel Joseph H. Guttentag

Benefits Tax Counsel J. Mark Iwry

Inspector General Valerie Lau

Deputy Inspector General Richard B. Calahan

Special Assistant to the Inspector Donald Kassel


Director, Inspectors General Auditor Andrew J. Pasden

Training Institute

Counsel to the Inspector General Lori Y. Vassar

Deputy Counsel to the Inspector Richard Doery


Director of Evaluations Emilie M. Baebel

Director of Information Technology Joseph A. Lawson

Assistant Inspector General for Raisa Ottero-Cesario

Investigations and Oversight

Deputy Assistant Inspector (vacancy)

General for Investigations and Oversight

Assistant Inspector General for Dennis S. Schindel


Deputy Assistant Inspector William H. Pugh

General for Audit

(Financial Management)

Assistant Inspector General for Gary L. Whittington

Resources/Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Assistant Inspector Clifford H. Jennings

General for Resources/

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Under Secretary (International Affairs) (vacancy)

Assistant Secretary (International Affairs) David Lipton

Director of Program Services Daniel A. O'Brien, Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nancy Lee, Acting

Eurasia and Middle East

Director, Office of Central and Robert S. Dohner, Eastern European Nations Acting

Director, Office of Middle Karen Mathiasen, Eastern and Central Acting

Asian Nations

Deputy Assistant Secretary for William Schuerch

International Development, Debt, and Environmental Policy

Director, Office of Multilateral Joseph Eichenberger

Development Banks

Director, Office of Mary E. Chaves

International Debt Policy

Deputy Assistant Secretary for James H. Fall III

Technical Assistance Policy

Director, Office of Technical Robert Banque, Acting


Director, U.S.-Saudi Arabian Jan Gasserud

Joint Commission Program Office

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Timothy Geithner

International Monetary and Financial Policy

Director, International Banking William Murden

and Securities Markets

Director, Office of James M. Lister

International Monetary Fund

Director, Office of Industrial Robert Harlow, Acting

Nations and Global Analysis

Director, Office of Foreign Timothy Dulaney

Exchange Operations

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, Daniel M. Zelikow, the Americas, and Africa Acting

Director, Office of East and Todd Crawford

South Asian Nations

Director, Office of Latin Bruce Juba

American Caribbean Nations

Director, Office of African Edwin L. Barber


Director, Mexican Task Force Wesley McGrew, Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade Margrethe Lundsager

and Investment Policy

Director, Office of Trade Stephen Tvardek


Director, Office of Gay S. Hoar

International Investment

Director, Office of Financial Matthew Hennesey

Services Negotiations

Director, Office of T. Whittier Warthin

International Trade

Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs and Linda L. Robertson

Public Liaison)

Director, Office of Legislative Gail E. Peterson


Congressional Inquiries Ora Starks

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Banking Victoria Rostow

and Finance)

Deputy Assistant Secretary Victor A. Rojas

(International Finance)

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Public Joyce H. Carrier


Director, Office of Business Liaison Matthew Gorman

Assistant Secretary for Management/Chief George Munoz

Financial Officer

Deputy Chief Financial Officer Steven O. App

Director, Office of Accounting James Lingebach

and Internal Control

Director, Office of Financial Barry K. Hudson

and Budget Execution

Director, Office of Systems and Dennis Mitchell

Financial Reports

Director, Office of Security Richard P. Riley

Deputy Assistant Secretary for W. Scott Gould

Departmental Finance and Management

Director, Office of Small and T.J. Garcia

Disadvantaged Business Utilization

Director, Office of Procurement Robert A. Welch

Director, Office of Real and Robert T. Harper

Personal Property Management

Director, Office of Mary Beth Shaw, Acting

Organizational Improvement

Director, Office of Budget Carl Moravitz

Director, Office of Treasury Anthony A. Fleming


Director, Office of Strategic John Murphy


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Alex Rodriguez


Director, Automated Systems G. Dale Seward


Director, Printing and Graphics Kirk B. Markland


Director, Facilities Management James R. Haulsey


Director, Financial Management Linda Ripetta, Acting


Director, Procurement Services Wesley L. Hawley


Director, Administrative Ida Hernandez

Operations Division

Director, Office of Management William H. Gillers

Advisory Services

Deputy Assistant Secretary for James J. Flyzik, Information Systems/Chief Acting

Information Officer

Director, Office of Information Jane L. Sullivan

Resources Management

Director, Office of James J. Flyzik

Telecommunications Management

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human David Lebryk


Director, Office of Personnel Ronald A. Glaser, Policy Acting

Director, Office of Equal Mariam G. Harvey, Opportunity Program Acting

Director, Treasury Integrated Edward B. Powell III

Management Information Systems

Director, Treasury Executive Suellen Hamby


Director, Personnel Resources Debra Tomchek, Acting


Treasurer of the United States Mary Ellen Withrow

Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs) Howard M. Schloss

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Public Affairs

Director, Public Affairs Michelle Smith

Assistant Secretary (Tax Policy) Donald C. Lubick, Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Tax Kenneth Krupsky


Tax Legislative Counsel Mike Thomson

International Tax Counsel Joseph H. Guttentag

Benefits Tax Counsel J. Mark Iwry

Deputy Assistant Secretary (Tax John Karl Scholz


Director, Office of Tax Analysis Lowell Dworin


650 Massachusetts Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20226

Phone, 202-927-8500

Director John W. Magaw

Deputy Director Bradley A. Buckles

Ombudsman Richard C. Fox

Equal Opportunity Executive Assistant Marjorie R. Kornegay

Legislative Affairs Executive Assistant Steve J. Pirotte

Assistant Director, Liaison and Public Patrick D. Hynes


Strategic Planning Office Wayne Miller

Chief Counsel Stephen McHale

Associate Director (Enforcement) Andrew L. Vita

Assistant Director (Inspection) Richard J. Hankinson

Assistant Director (Management)/Chief Financial William T. Earle


Assistant Director (Science and Information Arthur J. Libertucci


Assistant Director (Training and Professional Gale D. Rossides



250 E Street SW., Washington, DC 20219

Phone, 202-874-5000

Comptroller Eugene A. Ludwig

Senior Adviser to the Comptroller Mark P. Jacobsen

Deputy Comptroller for Risk G. Scott Calhoun

Evaluation and Market Risks

Deputy Comptroller for Information Stephen M. Cross, Resources Management Acting

Deputy to the FDIC Director Thomas E. Zemke

(Comptroller of the Currency)

Senior Deputy Comptroller for...

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