Department of State DOS.


The Secretary of State is the President's principal foreign policy advisor and is responsible for the formulation of foreign policy and the execution of approved policy. The Secretary has responsibilities, by virtue of law or Executive order, with respect to such matters as international educational and cultural affairs, information activities, foreign assistance, food for peace, arms control and disarmament, supervision of programs authorized by the Peace Corps Act, social science research, immigration, and refugee assistance.


The Secretary has authority and responsibility to the full extent permitted by law for the overall direction, coordination, and supervision of interdepartmental activities of the United States Government overseas. This authority includes continuous supervision and general direction of Peace Corps programs, Economic assistance, Military assistance, Military education and training, and Military sales programs.

The primary mission of the Transportation and Travel Management Division is to provide transportation (Freight Forwarding/Customs House Brokerage) and logistical support for some 164 Embassies, three Branch Offices, 10 Missions, one US Interests Section, 66 Consulates General, 19 Consulates, five US Liaison Offices, and various other field offices throughout the world. The Transportation and Travel Management Division also supports approximately 30 other US government civilian agencies including several Foreign Affairs Agencies (ie, United States Agency for International Development [USAID], Peace Corps [PC], Foreign Agricultural Service [FAS], Foreign Commercial Service [FCS], and Arms Control and Disarmament Agency [ACDA]).

Steven G. Hartman

Director, Office of Logistics Operations

T 703-875-6936

F 703-875-4731

Edward J. Brennan

Director, Transportation & Travel Management Division

T 202-663-0901

F 202-663-0981

Robert S. Browning

Director, Regional Logistics

Centers Division

T 703-875-4585

Lewis H. Wolkofsky

US Despatch Agent,

South Iselin, New Jersey

T 732-855-8890

Ray Schoenberg

US Despatch Agent,

Seattle, Washington

T 206-764-3805


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