Department of Defense (DOD).

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment provides policy and governance, for the DOD and the national security base, that enables the delivery and sustainment of critical capabilities to the US Service Members and allies. The Under Secretary's Office focuses on prioritizing the ability to rapidly respond to the needs of the Combatant Commands, modernizing nuclear deterrence, executing acquisition reform, sustaining critical weapons systems, collaborating with emerging partners, and ensuring a robust, secure, resilient and innovative industrial base. These efforts align with the National Defense Strategy's objectives to generate and maintain materiel readiness.

The mission of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment is to provide globally responsive, operationally precise and cost-effective joint logistics support for the projection and sustainment of America's warfighters. The Department continually strives to improve the efficiency of its logistics processes, organizations, and systems--while maintaining readiness and ensuring effective support for America's warfighters. The top priorities for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment are to:

* Enhance materiel availability while significantly improving readiness per dollar spent

* Prepare the battlefield for 2025 to address the National Defense Strategy strategic environment

* Maintain safe places to live, work, play and pray

* Create and sustain resilient installations

* Enable effective personnel and institutional performance

Two key elements of the DOD sustainment enterprise--Supply and Transportation Directorates within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics--are highlighted herein.


Pete Potochney

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Logistics)


Col Robert Copes, USAF

Military Deputy

571-372-5203 * DSN 372


Jan Mulligan

Director, Supply

571-327-5227 * DSN 372


COL Kevin Baird, USA

Director, Transportation

571-372-5211 * DSN 372

Adam Yearwood

Assistant for Sealift and Mobility

571-372-5211 * DSN 372

Lt Col Ernest Cage, USAF

Assistant for Air Transportation Policy

571-372-5213 * DSN 372

Jody Cox

Assistant for Surface Transportation

571-372-5214 * DSN 372

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for...

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