Department of Commerce


Fourteenth Street between Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues NW.,

Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2000


Chief of Staff Paul M. Donovan

Counsellor to the Secretary Nancy A. LeaMond

Assistant to the Secretary and David Lane

Director, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning

Executive Assistant to the Secretary Shirley Rothlisberger

Director, Office of White House Parnice Green


Executive Secretary Bettie Baca

Deputy Secretary of Commerce (vacancy)

Assistant Deputy Secretary (vacancy)

Associate Deputy Secretary Kent Hughes

Director, Office of Small and Michael A. Keane, Disadvantaged Business Acting


General Counsel (vacancy)

Deputy General Counsel Paul Joffe

Counselor to the General Counsel (vacancy)

Assistant General Counsel for Barbara S. Fredericks


Assistant General Counsel for Michael A. Levitt

Legislation and Regulation

Assistant General Counsel for Alden F. Abbott

Finance and Litigation

Chief Counsel for Economics and Roxie Jones

Statistics Administration

Chief Counsel for Export Hoyt H. Zia


Chief Counsel for Import Stephen J. Powell


Chief Counsel for International Eleanor Roberts Lewis


Chief Counsel for Minority Business Percy Robinson, Development Acting

Chief Counsel for Technology Mark Bohannon


Assistant Secretary for Legislative and Jane Bobbitt

Intergovernmental Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Ellen Bloom

Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Intergovernmental Affairs

Inspector General Frank DeGeorge

Deputy Inspector General (vacancy)

Counsel to the Inspector General Elizabeth T. Barlow

Assistant Inspector General for George E. Ross


Assistant Inspector General for Damon L. Barbat


Assistant Inspector General for Judith J. Gordon

Systems Evaluation

Assistant Inspector General for Johnnie E. Frazier

Inspections and Program Evaluations

Assistant Inspector General for (vacancy)

Compliance and Administration

Director, Office of Public Affairs Maria T. Cardona, Acting

Press Secretary, Office of the Press Secretary Maria T. Cardona

Director, Office of Business Liaison Cheryl Bruner

Director, Office of Consumer Affairs Lajuan Johnson

Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary Raymond G. Kammer, for Administration Jr., Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)


Director for Budget, Management, and Alan P. Balutis

Information and Deputy Chief Information Officer

Director, Office of Budget Mark E. Brown

Director, Office of Management Stephen C. Browning

and Organization

Director, Office of Information James McNamee

Policy and Technology

Director, Office of Information Lisa A. Westerback

Planning and Review

Director, Office of Computer Patrick F. Smith


Manager, Decision Analysis Charles F. Treat


Director, Office of Civil Rights Courtland Cox

Director for Executive Budgeting and Sonya G. Stewart

Assistance Management

Director, Office of Executive John J. Phelan III

Assistance Management

Director, Office of Executive Thomas D. Jones


Director for Financial Management John D. Newell

and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Deputy Director Douglas K. Day

Director, Office of Financial Theodore A. Johnson

Policy and Assistance

Director, Office of Financial Joseph A. Sclafani

Management Systems

Director for Human Resources Elizabeth W. Stroud


Deputy Director (vacancy)

Human Resources Manager, Office Anthony Calza, of Personnel Operations Acting

Director, Office of Programs and Pamela E. Rankin


Director, Office of Automated Diane Atchinson

Systems and Pay Policy

Director for Security and Hugh L. Brennan

Administrative Services

Director, Office of Safety and Robert B. Heinemann

Building Management

Director, Office of Real Estate James M. Andrews

Policy and Major Programs

Director for Security Steven E. Garmon

Director, Office of Robert A. Galpin

Administrative Operations

Director for Acquisition Management Kenneth J. Buck, Acting

Director for Systems and Ronald P. Hack

Telecommunications Management

Director, Office of Thomas W. Zetty

Telecommunications Management

Director, Office of Information (vacancy)


Director, Office of Technical George H. Imber


Under Secretary for Economic Affairs and (vacancy)

Administrator, Economics and Statistics Administration

Deputy Under Secretary Paul A. London

Associate Under Secretary John Gray

Director, Office of Policy Jeffrey L. Mayer


Director, STAT-U.S.A. Kenneth Rogers

Executive Director James K. White

Director of Administration B. Jerome Jackson

Chief Economist James Lee Price

Director, Office of International Sumiye Okubo

Macroeconomic Analysis

Director, Office of Economic Carl E. Cox

Conditions and Forecasting

Director, Bureau of the Census Martha Farnsworth Riche

Deputy Director Bradford R. Huther

Associate Director for Phillip L. Sparks


Principal Associate Director and Frederick T. Alt

Chief Financial Officer

Principal Associate Director for Paula J. Schneider


Associate Director for Nancy A. Potok



Associate Director for (vacancy)

Information Technology

Associate Director for Field Marvin D. Raines


Associate Director for Economic Frederick T. Programs Knickerbocker

Assistant Director for Economic Thomas L. Mesenbourg


Associate Director for Decennial Robert W. Marx


Associate Director for Nancy M. Gordon

Demographic Programs

Associate Director for Cynthia Z.F. Clark

Methodology and Standards

Director, Bureau of Economic J. Stephen Landefeld


Deputy Director Betty L. Barker

Associate Director for National Gerald F. Donahoe

Income Expenditures and Wealth Accounts

Associate Director for Regional Hugh W. Knox


Associate Director for Gerald A. Pollack

International Economics

Associate Director for Industry (vacancy)


Chief Economist Jack E. Triplett

Chief Statistician Robert P. Parker

Under Secretary for Export Administration William A. Reinsch

Deputy Under Secretary (vacancy)

Director of Administration Robert F. Kugelman

Director of Congressional and Public Rosemary Warren


Assistant Secretary for Export Sue E. Eckert


Deputy Assistant Secretary Iain S. Baird

Assistant Secretary for Export (vacancy)


Deputy Assistant Secretary Frank Deliberti

Assistant Secretary for Economic Development Phillip A. Singerman

Deputy Assistant Secretary Wilbur F. Hawkins

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Chester J. Straub, Jr.

Program Operations

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Awilda R. Marquez

Program Research and Evaluation

Chief Counsel Edward Levin

Under Secretary for International Trade Stuart Eizenstat

Deputy Under Secretary Timothy J. Hauser

Counselor to the Department Jan H. Kalicki

Director of Administration Alan Neuschatz

Assistant Secretary for Market Franklin J. Vargo, Access and Compliance Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Market Access and Compliance

Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Regina Vargo

Western Hemisphere

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Franklin J. Vargo


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Judith Barnett, Africa and the Near East Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia Nancy Linn Patton

and the Pacific

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Japan Marjory Searing

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Douglas Olin

Agreements Compliance

Assistant Secretary for Import Robert S. LaRussa, Administration Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Richard W. Moreland,

Antidumping Countervailing Acting

Enforcement I

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Jeffrey Bialos

for Antidumping Countervailing Enforcement II

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Joseph A. Spetrini

Antidumping Countervailing Enforcement III

Assistant Secretary for Trade Ellis R. Mottur, Development Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Trade David Marchick


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Basic Michael J. Copps


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Ellis R. Mottur

Technology and Aerospace Industries

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Graham Whatley, Service Industries and Acting


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Troy H. Cribb

Textiles, Apparel, and Consumer Goods Industries

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Anne L. Alonzo

Environmental Technologies Exports

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Leslie R. Doggett

Tourism Industries

Assistant Secretary and Director Marjory Searing, General of the U.S. and Acting

Foreign Commercial Service

Deputy Assistant Secretary for the (vacancy)

U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Daniel J. McLaughlin

Domestic Operations

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Delores F. Harrod

International Operations

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mary Fran Kirchner

Export Promotion Services

Director, Minority Business Development Agency Joan Parrott-Fonseca

Deputy Director Paul R. Webber IV, Acting

Assistant Director for External Barbara Maddox


Assistant Director for Operations Paul R. Webber IV

Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere and D. James Baker

Administrator, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Counselor to the Under Secretary Susan B. Fruchter

Assistant Secretary for Oceans and Terry D. Garcia, Atmosphere and Deputy Acting


Deputy Under Secretary for Oceans Diana H. Josephson

and Atmosphere

Associate Deputy Under Secretary John J. Carey

Chief Scientist Alfred M. Beeton, Acting

Deputy Assistant Secretary for William E. Martin

International Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Sally J. Yozell

Oceans and Atmosphere

Assistant Administrator for Rolland A. Schmitten


Assistant Administrator for Ocean W. Stanley Wilson

Services and Coastal Zone Management

Assistant Administrator for Oceanic Alan R. Thomas, and Atmospheric Research Acting

Assistant Administrator for Weather Elbert W. Friday, Jr.


Assistant Administrator for Robert S. Winokur

Satellites and...

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