Department of Commerce



Fourteenth Street and Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2000. Internet,


Chief of Staff Laurie Fenton

Counselor to the Secretary (vacancy)

Assistant to the Secretary and Donald Trigg

Director, Office of Policy and Strategic Planning

Director, Office of White House Cathie Martin


Director, Executive Secretariat Tracy B. McKibben

Deputy Secretary of Commerce (vacancy)

Director, Office of Small and T.J. Garcia

Disadvantaged Business Utilization

General Counsel Theodore W. Kassinger

Deputy General Counsel Margaret Wilson

Assistant General Counsel for Barbara S. Fredericks


Assistant General Counsel for Michael A. Levitt

Legislation and Regulation

Assistant General Counsel for Alden F. Abbott

Finance and Litigation

Chief Financial Officer and (vacancy)

Assistant Secretary for Administration

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)


Deputy Assistant Secretary for K. David Holmes, Jr.


Deputy Director for Security M. Lee Ballard

Chief Information Officer Thomas N. Pyke, Acting

Deputy Chief Information Officer Karen Hogan, Acting

Director, Office of Budget Barbara A. Retzlaff

Deputy Director Samuel Calderon

Director for Management and John J. Phelan III


Director, Office of Civil Rights Suzan J. Aramaki

Deputy Director Lawrence N. Self

Director for Executive Budgeting and Robert F. Kugelman

Assistance Management

Director for Financial Management James L. Taylor

and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Director for Human Resources Debra M. Tomchek


Deputy Director Deborah Jefferson

Director for Administrative Services Anthony A. Fleming

Deputy Director Denise Wells

Director for Acquisition Management Michael S. Sade

Assistant Secretary for Legislative Brenda Becker

and Intergovernmental Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Legislative Affairs

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Christopher S. Furlow

Intergovernmental Affairs

Inspector General Johnnie E. Frazier

Deputy Inspector General Edward L. Blansitt

Assistant Inspector General for Larry Gross, Acting


Assistant Inspector General for Stephen E. Garmon


Assistant Inspector General for Judith J. Gordon

Systems Evaluation

Assistant Inspector General for Jill A. Gross

Inspections and Program Evaluations

Assistant Inspector General for (vacancy)

Compliance and Administration

Director, Office of Public Affairs Mary M. Crawford

Deputy Director (vacancy)

Press Secretary Jim Dyke

Director, Office of Business Liaison (vacancy)

Deputy Director Jennifer Andberg

Assistant Secretary for Economic (vacancy)


Deputy Assistant Secretary (vacancy)

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Mary C. Pleffner

Administrative Officer

Assistant Secretary for (vacancy)

Communications and Information

Deputy Assistant Secretary John F. Sopko


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 800-782-8872

Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Kathleen B. Cooper

Deputy Under Secretary Lee Price

Associate Under Secretary (vacancy)

Chief Economist (vacancy)

Director, Bureau of the Census William G. Barron, Acting

Director, Bureau of Economic J. Steven Landefeld



Fourteenth Street and Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2721

Under Secretary for Export Kenneth I. Juster


Deputy Under Secretary Thomas S. Bunton

Assistant Secretary for Export Matthew S. Borman, Administration Acting

Assistant Secretary for Export Lisa Prager, Acting



Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-3809

Under Secretary for International Grant D. Aldonas


Deputy Under Secretary Timothy J. Hauser

Assistant Secretary for Import Bernard T. Carreau, Administration Acting

Assistant Secretary for Market Patrick A. Mulloy

Access and Compliance

Assistant Secretary for Trade Jonathan C. Menes, Development Acting

Assistant Secretary and Director Maria Cino

General of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-5061. Internet,

Director, Minority Business Ronald N. Langston

Development Agency

Deputy Director Ruth E. Sandoval


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-2985. Internet,

Under Secretary for Oceans and (vacancy)


Assistant Secretary for Oceans (vacancy)

and Atmosphere and Deputy Administrator

Deputy Under Secretary for Scott B. Gudes

Oceans and Atmosphere

Chief Scientist (vacancy)

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Sonya G. Stewart

Administrative Officer

Assistant Administrator for (vacancy)

Fisheries Services

Assistant Administrator for (vacancy)

Ocean Services and Coastal Zone Management

Assistant Administrator for Gregory W. Whithee

Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Services

Assistant Administrator for John J. Kelly, Jr.

Weather Services

Assistant Administrator for David L. Evans

Oceanic and Atmospheric Research


2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

Phone, 703-305-8341. Internet,

Under Secretary for Intellectual (vacancy)

Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Deputy Under Secretary and (vacancy)

Deputy Director

Commissioner for Patents Nicholas P. Godici

Commissioner for Trademarks Anne H. Chasser


Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230

Phone, 202-482-1575

Under Secretary for Technology (vacancy)

Deputy Under Secretary (vacancy)

Assistant Secretary for Bruce P. Mehlman

Technology Policy

Director, National Institute of Karen H. Brown, Acting

Standards and Technology

Director, National Technical Ronald E. Lawson

Information Service


The Department of Commerce encourages, serves, and promotes the Nation's international trade, economic growth, and technological advancement. The Department provides a wide variety of programs through the competitive free enterprise system. It offers assistance and information to increase America's competitiveness in the world economy; administers programs to prevent unfair foreign trade competition; provides social and economic statistics and analyses for business and government planners; provides research and support for the increased use of scientific, engineering, and technological development; works to improve our understanding and benefits of the Earth's physical environment and oceanic resources; grants patents and registers trademarks; develops policies and conducts research on telecommunications; provides assistance to promote domestic economic development; and assists in the growth of minority businesses.


The Department was designated as such by act of March 4, 1913 (15 U.S.C.

1501), which reorganized the Department of Commerce and Labor, created by act of February 14, 1903 (15 U.S.C. 1501), by transferring all labor activities into a new, separate Department of Labor.

Office of the Secretary

Secretary The Secretary is responsible for the administration of all functions and authorities assigned to the Department of Commerce and for advising the President on Federal policy and programs affecting the industrial and commercial segments of the national economy. The Secretary is served by the offices of Deputy Secretary, Inspector General, General Counsel, and the Assistant Secretaries of Administration, Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, and Public Affairs. Other offices whose public purposes are widely administered are detailed below.

Business Liaison This office develops and promotes a cooperative working relationship and ensures effective communication between the Department of Commerce and the business community. It also promotes business involvement in departmental policymaking and program development, and provides technical assistance to businesses that desire help in dealing with the Government.

For further information, call 202-482-1360.

Economics and Statistics Administration

The Under Secretary for Economic Affairs advises the Secretary and other Government officials on matters relating to economic developments and forecasts and on the development of macroeconomic and microeconomic policy. The Under Secretary, as Administrator of the Economics and Statistics Administration, exercises general supervision over the Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Current economic data are available to the public through the STAT-

USA website (Internet,, the National Trade Data Bank, and the Economic Bulletin Board.

Bureau of the Census

The Bureau of the Census was established as a permanent office by act of March 6, 1902 (32 Stat. 51). The major functions of the Bureau are authorized by the Constitution, which provides that a census of population

shall be taken every 10 years, and by laws codified as title 13 of the United States Code. The law also provides that the information collected by the Bureau from individual persons, households, or establishments be kept strictly confidential and be used only for statistical purposes. The Bureau is responsible for:

--the decennial censuses of population and housing;

--the quinquennial censuses of State and local governments, manufacturers, mineral industries, distributive trades, construction industries, and transportation;

--current surveys that provide information on many of the subjects covered in the censuses at monthly, quarterly, annual, or other intervals;

--compilation of current statistics on U.S. foreign trade, including data on imports, exports, and shipping;

--special censuses at the request and expense of States and local government units;

--publication of estimates and projections of the population;

--publication of current...

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