Denny's dealing with dining challenges around the world.

For Spartanburg-based Denny's restaurant company, the new coronavirus is more than a local challenge.

The company has more than 1,700 restaurants in far-away places such as El Salvador, Guam, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

Denny's said Tuesday that while it adheres to COVID-19-relatedgovernment strategies and mandates around the world, the company is taking action on its own. In addition to safety measures on premises, Denny's is waiving all delivery fees until April 12 to encourage social distancing.

"We are willingly adhering to all city and state regulations that require closure of our dine-in facilities, and in some states reducing the number of guests in our dining rooms to allow for heightened focus on social distancing," the company website says.

"Rest assured, we are actively monitoring all locations and their staff and taking every step...

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