Dennison, Amy, Allie, David. Our dad died; the true story of three kids whose lives changed.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Free Spirit. 107p. illus, c2003. 1-57542-135-6. $9.95. JS

What do you do to cope with the death of a parent? For Amy, Allie and David Dennison, you write about it. Twins Amy and Allie, age eight when their father died, and David, then four, show kids how to deal with pain by chronicling their own loss. Excerpts of journals kept right after their father's sudden death reveal the immediate thoughts and feelings of the children. Now, five and a half years after his death, each section of the book includes an analysis of how they handled the situation. The children offer practical advice that goes beyond their initial responses and...

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