Demystifying Outsourcing.

Author:Fillicaro, Barbara

Demystifying Outsourcing, by Debbie Friedman, Book, 2006, Pfeiffer & Company, $50.

Turning Training Inside Out

Outsourcing has become a controversial word, negative to some, positive to others, but an essential practice for much of the global business community. To many professionals in the workplace, learning and performance community outsourcing has become a fact of life in the execution of their jobs.

It is a complicated process, very expensive yet potential contributor to the corporate bottom line. It is an accepted practice--perhaps I should say an expected practice--in the process of training and developing employees, consultants, vendor partners, and other human resources essential to the successful operation of a twenty-first century company.

Demystifying Outsourcing: The Trainer's Guide to Working With Vendors and Consultants aims to hone your skills in the art of outsourcing the training process.

In the misty past, training and development were the responsibility of the human resources or personnel department. We have come a long way, haven't we? The Personnel Department has evolved into Human Capital Management, and this management responsibility may now include humans who are not even employees of the company!

That's where books such as Demystifying Outsourcing come in. The evolution of managing human capital has reached new heights thanks to the advent of computers and the Internet.

We can't just stick our heads into the office next door or meet for lunch to discuss a current or future project when the person we want to talk to is working 1,000 miles away in a different time zone or halfway around the world a day apart. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

Demystifying Outsourcing is divided into five sections:

* Building strategic foundations

* Identifying and selecting partners

* Navigating projects while strengthening partnerships

* Addressing challenges of partnerships

* Expanding personal capability

Also included is a CD-ROM that contains:

* 28 worksheets

* Eight learning journal exhibits

* Five sample project management forms

The largest section of the book (148 pages) is the third, "Navigating projects while strengthening partnerships." Clearly the scope of the workplace learning and performance professional has changed. We are no longer managing or guiding or designing the training event (at least not by ourselves).

Our responsibility and skill set must now include project...

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