Democratic national convention: the Chamber sent its government relations employees to the democratic and republican national conventions - here's what they thought.

Author:Williams, Brad
Position:Convention Coverage

Day 1 - Monday, August 25

There is a certain surreal quality to turning on the TV, seeing my favorite MSNBC personalities and knowing they are right down the street. I know what you're saying: "What kind of loser has a favorite MSNBC personality?"


Day 2 - Tuesday, August 26

Michelle Obama's tribute to Sen. Clinton mid-speech last night helped sway former Clinton supporters, and Clinton's speech is being billed as one of her best. A member of the Michigan delegation was caught on CNN during the speech wearing a sticker on his forehead with tears streaming down his eyes.

We joined the Michigan delegation for breakfast and heard great speeches from Sen. Levin, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Rep. Ellison is a Detroit native and the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Day 3 - Wednesday, August 27

Four hundred bloggers from each of the states were issued credentials to a first of its kind outreach to the online community. After seeing the set up created for us, there is no doubt this form of communication is here to stay. The business community has already started to figure this out, judging by the sheer number of corporate sponsors willing to contribute. As I introduced myself to people, I found they are very interested in further engaging the business community to help change...

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