Deluge Trilogy.

Author:Courteau, Darcy
Position:WORKS IN PROGRESS - Brief article

After Katrina, novelist and Loyola University professor John Biguenet wrote a play about a married couple's hours, likely their final ones, spent trapped in the attic and on the roof of their flooded New Orleans house. Angered with the federal government's slow response to the disaster, he turned to Samuel Beckett to write Rising Water, finding that Happy Days and Waiting for Godot could be interpreted not as absurdist drama but as prophetic realism.

Rising Water premiered in 2007 before enthusiastic audiences at New Orleans's Southern Rep Theatre, and there have been seven productions around the country since. Meanwhile, as the flood's aftermath unfolded, Biguenet wrote a second play, Shotgun, set four months later, that depicts two families, one black and one white, forced to live side by side in a double shotgun house, circumstances having suspended the racial animosities that plague New Orleans. With three productions of Shotgun (scenes above) already staged, Biguenet is developing this theme in a...

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