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Heather Reilly, Defense, Security & Justice National Sector Leader

Alan Estevez, National Security and Logistics

Deloitte's Government and Public Services practice--our people, ideas, technology and outcomes--are all designed for impact. Our team of over 12,000 professionals bring fresh perspective to help you anticipate disruption, reimagine the possible, and fulfill your mission promise.

Deloitte's Defense, Security & Justice practice serves clients across:

* All branches of the Armed Forces

* The Unified Combatant Commands

* The agencies of the Department of Defense

* The Department of Homeland Security

* The Department of Justice

* The intelligence community

The minds behind the machines.

Robotics are the rage, but what does the hype mean to you? Digital labor can empower your workforce, enhance stakeholder engagement, automate workloads, and increase productivity. The big picture: potentially reduce costs, free up millions of labor hours for more mission critical tasks, and ultimately, increase readiness.

Augmented security: How cognitive technologies can address the cyber workforce shortage.

What can cognitive tech do for your cybersecurity professionals? As the cybersecurity talent shortage continues, adding cognitive technologies into the mix can help automate routine tasks, increase responsiveness, and allow cyber professionals to focus more on tasks requiring human ingenuity. Learn how it could work.

The data behind the decisions.

Getting trusted data to the right decision makers at the right time is essential to mission support and execution. For more than 100 years, Deloitte has been helping clients make decisions based on trusted data. Learn the latest on how we are enabling informed decisions, allocating resources, and improving operations.

The analytics behind the intelligence.

The best analytics initiatives require focused outcomes, perspective on the data available to support those...

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