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Jumana Judeh

President Judeh Associates, Inc.

When times get tough, small business owners take a pay cut, downsize, work longer hours, cut expenses, cut vacations and develop a short-and long-term strategy. How come our legislators are not doing the same thing?


State Rep. Frank Accavitti

Michigan's 42nd House District

As a small business owner for over 25 years, I can understand the difficulties that small business owners face every day. It is easy to feel like you are the only one giving up benefits, making tough choices and taking a cut in pay; however, you are not alone.


Over the past five years that I have been a State Representative, I have missed a lot of dinners at home, time with my family and canceled more than one because there was work to do in Lansing. Even when the legislature is not in session, there are many people working behind the scenes. The past two Spring Breaks I have held workgroups and committee hearings for the Energy and Technology Committee. It does not make me a popular Chairman to call everyone back from home to meet in Lansing, but it is effective and we got a lot of work done.

We have also felt the pinch in our pocketbooks when we cut our own benefits packages and those of our staff. The House of Representative is leaner today than it was even two years ago. We continue to look for ways to save tax payer money.

Michigan is going through a rough time economically and the reality is that it cannot be ignored and we all have to put in extra time and efforts to help get back on track.

Steven S. Fappas

Sales Manager The Metropolitan Hotel-Detroit Airport

As we are all well aware, many Michiganders have had it rough over the last few years, but we also know that we have hardened our resolve and are prepared to stay here and overcome our hardships. We all would love to see Michigan become the powerhouse it once was. We are more than ready to play our part. We just need the guidance from our leaders to make sure we are all playing the same game. So the question is: what do we do as local business owners to play our part in helping Michigan become the pillar of strength that we know it can be?

Senator Jason Allen

Michigan's 37th State Senate District

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are the heart of the economic vitality in Michigan and the primary source for new jobs in this state. I have a great interest and support for the small business person who is facing...

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