Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council (DRMEC).


The Port of Philadelphia was featured at the NDTA's annual Forum during a panel discussion lead by MG Charles W. Fletcher, Jr., SDDC Commanding General as a strategic model port. Port officials discussed the shipping and ship-building capabilities, focusing on the value of RAPID System, an end-to-end logistics system created by the Delaware River Maritime Enterprise Council (DRMEC), and its command post RAPID Center, which currently is supporting military cargo movements through the Port of Philadelphia.

"RAPID Center provides DoD with improved visibility of its shipments moving between the US and war theater," Fletcher said. "With advanced information sharing we are able to move equipment and supplies faster and more securely and that's the name of the game." The Port of Philadelphia's capabilities, both in terms of efficiency and security, make it a valuable harbor for military and commercial partners.

At the conference, Susan Howland of The Howland Group, which operates RAPID System for DRMEC, gave a detailed explanation of the high-speed, secure, end-to-end transport logistics solution for military and commercial users. Focusing on all parts of the logistics chain from cargo origin to destination, RAPID System gives the DoD and other customers better control in moving high-value, time-sensitive cargo.

Recently, RAPID Center was able to avert a logistical disaster while it was providing information about redeployments or equipment and cargo to 17 different Army customers at once. Officials at one of the forts were unaware that an entire truck company was arriving, and it had no people or parking available to handle the load. Thanks to an alert from RAPID Center on the impending...

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