Delacroix, Claire, et al. To weave a web of magic.

AuthorFarmer, Leslie
PositionBrief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

DELACROIX, Claire, et al. To weave a web of magic. Penguin, Berkley. 362p. c2004. 0425-19615-1. $12.00. SA

Four well-regarded women fantasy writers--Delacroix, Kurland, McKillip, Shinn--have written lengthy short stories about romantic fantasy for this anthology. Delacroix's cautionary tale about the shapes of love reveals the impact of perspectives. Kurland recounts a family epic of independent heroes and heroines. McKillip tells of an artist who activates a Gorgon to inspire him. Shinn reveals how angels can interact intensely with humans. As would be expected, the writing is professional, the plots well crafted. This anthology is a good...

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