DEINOVE and MBI have formed a technological partnership designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the DEINOL technology for producing biofuels based onlignocellulosic biomass (2G biofuels).

MBI is both a premier multidisciplinary center sought out by industry partners for its unique derisking capabilities and a not-for-profit inspired by a mission to enhance quality of life. MBI applies its derisking approach to the development of biofuels, chemicals, food, and feed from renewable, rather than fossil, raw materials and is known for its exceptional record of successful university and corporate collaborations, including major industrial groups such as DuPont, Cargill (NatureWorks), Novozymes; and multiple start-ups such as Genomatica, OPX Biotechnologies, and Verdezyne.

MBI, in close collaboration with Michigan State University (MSU), has developed a transformational technology, called AFEX. This technology has the potential to double worldwide output from existing grain-crop production while providing a sustainable, affordable source of food, feed, fuels, and chemicals. AFEX has advanced from the laboratory to a one- ton-per-day pilot scale. Earlier this year, President Barack Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack gave recognition to the enormous global potential of this technology with a visit to MBI.

Early Test Results

After testing its process on simple sugars such as glucose and xylose, DEINOVE contacted MBI to test the DEINOL technology on AFEX pretreated corn stover.

Indeed, DEINOVE's commercial acceleration is relying on an increased focus: working on customizing Deinococcus strains for industrial biomass.

Preliminary tests produced remarkable results with the assimilation of more than 95% of all the sugars available in the biomass and the production of ethanol, a process called "Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation." These results demonstrate the effectiveness of AFEX technology in releasing the cellulose and hemicellulose found in the biomass, and the effectiveness of Deinococcus in assimilating and metabolizing the material obtained.

AFEX Pretreatment Technology

AFEX is an ammonia-based pretreatment technology for cellulosic biomass. This technology was initially developed by Professor Bruce Dale of Michigan State University after more than 20 years of research on biomass conversion and industrialization. In 2011, MBI received a $4.3 million grant from the US Department of Energy to take AFEX technology from the laboratory prototype...

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