Dehydration: jury faults nursing facility for patient's death.

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When he was admitted to the nursing home the elderly patient suffered from heart problems, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.

Twice he was sent from the nursing home to the hospital. Both times the hospital found pressure sores and evidence of dehydration. He did not go back to the nursing home after his second trip to the hospital; he died in the hospital. The treating physician listed dehydration as the cause of death on his death certificate.

Nursing Documentation Input / Output

The family's attorneys could put together a strong case of negligence just from the contents of the patient's chart from the nursing home.

Fluid output far exceeded fluid input in the ten days leading up to his second hospitalization.

If he really was getting enough to drink, as the facility's lawyers argued, then that fact should have been properly charted, the family's lawyers argued.

The family's lawyers made a compelling argument to the jury that a care facility has a...

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