Medical technology company Defymed, specialized in the design and development of innovative medical devices for the delivery of therapeutic treatments, will be exploring business and scientific opportunities in Boston this September 25 to October 5 as part of the Innouvo program. Since June 2019, Defymed and 4 other Strasbourg start-ups from the health sector have benefitted from the intensive support provided by the program to expand their presence in the US market. This program will allow Defymed to support its international expansion by developing new partnerships in the United States. The future is bright for the French MedTech company!

The company is currently developing two medical devices for the physiological treatment of diabetes and other chronic diseases. ExOlin, an insulin delivery medical device, should offer patients with better management of their disease and improve their quality of life while allowing them to continue their normal activities. MailPan, a bioartificial pancreas containing insulin-secreting cells, should allow the physiological and autonomous treatment of diabetes while maintaining a better glycemic stability for patients.

A clinical trial and fundraising round

Defymed is currently carrying out a fundraising round to finance clinical tests for ExOlin in Europe starting early 2020, needed for its future market approval. In addition, thanks to the Innouvo program, Defymed will be able to accelerate and pursue its expansion into the United States. Its visit to Boston with the Strasbourg delegation, from September 25 to October 5, will allow the company to form new strategic partnerships needed for the future clinical development of its innovative medical devices in the United States. Defymed's spearhead is to offer patients with better disease management and therefore, a better quality of life.

Strasbourg - Boston, a strategic twinning since 1960

The global crossroads of innovation and health, the city of Boston (United States) has been...

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