Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Position:DOD: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA

Lt. Gen. Andrew E. Busch, USAF


Ted Case

SES, Vice Director

Renee Roman

Chief of Staff

CSM Sultan Muhammad, USA

Senior Enlisted Leader

As America's combat logistics support agency, the Defense Logistics Agency provides the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, other federal agencies, and partner nation armed forces with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition, and technical services.

The agency sources and provides nearly all of the consumable items America's military forces need to operate--from food, fuel, and energy, to uniforms, medical supplies, and construction material. DLA also supplies nearly 90 percent of the military's spare parts. In addition, the Agency manages the reutilization of military equipment, provides catalogs and other logistics information products, and offers document automation and production services. DLA manages nine supply chains and nearly 5.3 million items.

The DLA operates in 48 states (minus Vermont and Iowa) and 28 countries. Agency employees process on average 100,000 requisitions and more than 10,000 contract lines a day. DLA manages 24 distribution depots worldwide. Colocating with warfighters puts supplies where they are most needed and drives DLA's warehousing strategy. Positioning material closer to the customer allows us to improve military readiness, decrease customer wait time and cost; providing effective, efficient and innovative distribution solutions for our customers.

The agency is a leader in DOD's efforts to supply the military services with alternative fuel and renewable energy solutions. In addition to supporting military customers, DLA supports humanitarian relief efforts at home and abroad. The agency also supports 110 of America's allies through its Foreign Military Sales program.

Headquartered at Fort Belvoir, VA, DLA has approximately 25,500 employees worldwide and supports more than 2,430 weapon systems. DLA's business revenues were $38 billion in Fiscal Year 2014.


DLA Land and Maritime in Columbus, OH

Land and maritime weapons

systems supply chain.

DLA Aviation in Richmond, VA

Aviation supply chain.

DLA Troop Support in Philadelphia, PA

Subsistence, clothing and textiles, medical, construction, and equipment supply chains.

DLA Energy at Fort Belvoir, VA

Fuel, energy support and services, and bulk petroleum.


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