Defense Counsel Journal: President's Page--Volume 88, Number 2.

AuthorChamberlin, Andrew S.

Volume 88, No. 2

April 26, 2021

Andrew S. Chamberlin

Andrew Chamberlin is a trial attorney at Ellis & Winters in Greensboro with a broad national and international practice. Andrew has handled product liability, and catastrophic injury defense cases as well as the prosecution and defense of commercial, construction, and intellectual property disputes.

It is too early to assess the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the years to come, historians will offer their respective conclusions for consideration and debate. It is not the role of the International Association of Defense Counsel to undertake that broader, retrospective analysis. Our role is a narrower one--anticipating and addressing the professional concerns of our members and the clients they serve. In a global crisis, the legal concerns of our clients only grow, and the complexity of the practice of law only increases.

The IADC, each of its members, and each client served by a member, has been forced to adapt to operating in a new reality that limits social contact. Even as we look forward to the distribution of...

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