Defense Counsel Journal: IADC Amicus Briefs--Volume 88, Number 2.

Volume 88, No. 2

April 26, 2021


The IADC amicus curiae program has been active in recent months. The following brief was filed by the IADC since the last Defense Counsel Journal issue:

IADC US Supreme Court Amicus Brief--Johnson & Johnson v. Gail L. Ingham (4/1/2021)

IADC member Eric Lasker and his team at Hollingsworth filed an amicus on behalf of IADC in the U.S. Supreme Court. The amicus brief supported the petition for certiorari in J&J v. Ingham, making the argument that a state should not be able to assert specific personal jurisdiction over an out of state claim merely because an in-state company was used at some point in the chain of commerce (designing, assembling, and/or manufacturing the product in question). Here, Missouri asserted jurisdiction over an out of state company in J&J for plaintiffs who did not reside in Missouri and alleged harm from a J&J product they did not buy in Missouri.

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IADC US Supreme Court Amicus Brief--TransUnion LLC v Ramirez (2/8/2021)

The IADC filed an amicus brief, joined by the National Association of Manufacturers, Auto Innovators, and American Tort Reform Association. A Shook Hardy team led by Amicus Chair Phil Goldberg and his colleague Andy Trask worked on the brief. Tim Fielden, who brought the case to the IADC Amicus Committee, provided important guidance.

The plaintiff here was atypical of the class, which was largely uninjured. Ramirez alleged actual harm as he claimed to have been denied credit at a car dealership when the credit report from TransUnion said he matched a name on the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs) with whom business in the United States is prohibited. Ramirez's lawyers pursued the matter as a class action, seeking to represent all 8,185 people to whom TransUnion sent a letter between January and...

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