Defamation: employee can sue over theft allegations.

Position:Gambardella v. Apple Health Care - Brief article

A case we reported in February, 2005 went to trial a second time in July, 2007 and produced a substantial verdict for a nursing-home employee wrongfully accused of theft of a resident's property.

See Defamation: Employee Can Sue Over Theft Allegations. Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession (13) 2, Feb. '05 p.5.

The resident had actually told the administrator and others she wanted the admissions counselor to have her furniture after she passed.

However, accepting any sort of gift from a resident was a violation of nursing home policy. When confronted, the admissions counselor returned the two chairs the same day. Then she was fired.

Theft of property from a vulnerable person after her passing would be a heinous offense, while an honest misunderstanding of facility...

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