Author:Gabriele, Edward

Over these last years, we have all witnessed the immense growth and development of the Journal of Research Administration. Indeed, it has become the premier publication for the profession of research administration and all of its related arts and sciences. The evolution of the Journal has been nothing short of magnificent, even being awarded the prestigious 2008 Publications Excellence Award from the National Grants Management Association. However, none of this is the work of any one person. These moments of pride for our academy were the results of an incredible community effort that continues to bring together the magnificent talents and gifts of wonderfully generous scholars and publishing professionals. Today, with an expected touch of sorrow, we wish farewell to three of the Journal's Executive Leaders whose tenure ends with this edition.

Dr. Thomas J. Roberts has been chairing most recently the Academic Review Board that has provided superlatively expert scholar review of manuscripts. Ms. Mary Adams has led the Manuscript Editing Board, exquisitely assisting authors with the composition of their scholarship and providing outstanding academic editorial direction. Associate Dean Sharon McCarl has been our most recent Business Manager. She...

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