Author:Katz, Steve

Ten years makes for an interesting span of time. It's not so long ago that it's a distant memory, yet though I remember it well, I don't quite recall it like it was yesterday.

So much has changed for me in ten years. In 2005, I was a middle school social studies teacher with no awareness whatsoever of the label and packaging industry. I was single and lived alone, in an (probably) illegal one-bedroom apartment. Now married with two kids and a house in the suburbs, a journalism career that has me engrossed in the label industry, ten years for me is truly a lifetime ago.

There's a reason why I'm focusing on a decade's worth of time, as we've done something new for this issue of Label & Narrow Web.

In our April 2005 issue--exactly ten years ago--we featured Logotech in our Narrow Web Profile story. And in this issue we revisit the same Fairfield, NJ converter, and discover how much can transpire at a label converting operation over the course of ten years. For starters, the company is now called Tadbik NJ, and after you read the story, like me, you'll wonder what the next decade will bring.

Prior to my visit with Tadbik for this issue's feature, I dug up in our archives the April 2005 issue of L&NW, the one that featured Logotech. While the layout and look of our magazine is vastly different, what's most striking to me is seeing how much the industry has changed. Looking at the Industry News section, several companies that were making headlines then, I've never heard of.

There was also an article in the issue tided "Indigo pushes on." Part of the story detailed a series of open house events where...

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