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Editor's note: Over the years, we have been featuring individual NEHA staff members in NEHA News so that you can get to know us a little better. This month, we highlight the staff member behind extension 340.


Welcome to our life together, NEHA! I am a fourth-generation native of Colorado. To see who I am, you'd have to take a glance back at all of the people who have been in my life.

My Family

My biggest pride and joy are my son and daughter. My son, Tyler, is almost 19 and has spent this past summer on tour with his rock band, The Autobiography. Six different sets of families were very thankful when all the members of the band returned safe and sound after being on the road for seven weeks. My daughter, Kaleigh, who is 16, is in her junior year in high school. Beautiful, smart, and funny, she keeps our family on its toes. She is in DECA, a business program for high school students, and works part time near home.

My Past

Entrepreneur -- At the end of 2005, I took "time off" to work on a "fix-'n-flip" residential project. In exactly three months, my partner and I increased the value of the house by $65,000, doing the majority of the work ourselves. It was an incredible experience, but I'd rather let someone else worry about where the next check is coming from.

Front Desk Supervisor at Frasier Meadows Luxury Retirement Continuum Community -- If you want to learn how valuable and brief life is, hug someone who is just grateful to wake up to a new day, or watch the slow, awkward gait of a silver-haired resident as he makes that daily walk, leaning on a walker that has his name printed on it in large letters.

Assistant to the vice president of nursing and home health care, Hospice of Metro Denver -- They are the earthbound angels, the staff at hospice. They work not only with patients, but also with the families and communities of their patients, teaching that death is as natural a part of life as birth is, a celebration of life.

Construction (steel erection) -- Once again, I started out on the phones, and left five years later being able to read blueprints well enough to order structural steel, fasteners, and welding equipment and get it sent out to the job site at the appropriate phase. I have a specially issued jacket denoting that I worked over 500 hours on INVESCO Field in Denver. You can't buy that jacket anywhere...

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