Deaths-defying odds.

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Deaths-Defying Odds Annual odds of an asteroid colliding with the Earth 1 in50,000,000 and obliterating all life Annual odds of being killed in an 1 in 432,484 airplane crash (United States) Of being killed while cycling 1 in 348,347 (United States) Of dying from complications of 1 in 101, 858 medical or surgical care (United States) Of dying during an assault by 1 in 25,263 firearm (United States) Of dying in a car accident 1 in 19,216 (United States) Of any given species going extict 1 in 1,000 Of dying of cancer (United States) 1 in 527 Of being a victim of identity theft 1 in 465 Of dying of cancer (United Kingdom) 1 in 391 Of one's spouse or cohabiting 1 in 20...

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