Death Game.

AuthorMiller, Maryann
PositionBook review

Work Title: Death Game

Work Author(s): Cheryl Swanson

Zumaya Publications

306 pages , Softcover $14.99, PDF and HTML $6.99, 978-1-55410-326-3


ISBN: 9781554103256

Reviewer: Maryann Miller

There's a fine line between games and reality and most of the time it is only the most disturbed people who cross that line---although they occasionally take the innocent with them. That's what Cooper O'Brien discovers when she watches a video tape that shows her brother, Jimmie, killing another boy. She and her boss, attorney Rick Capra, view the footage on a surveillance tape from a client's yacht. Although the face of the shooter is not immediately recognizable, the tee-shirt the boy is wearing is distinct. Cooper saw that shirt just this morning when she took Jimmie to school.

Cooper is pulled into this sharp, fast-paced mystery to prove that her brother couldn't have pulled that trigger, but she is quickly caught up in a tide of intrigue that threatens to derail everything she has considered normal most of her life.

In this debut novel, the author weaves an intricate story with fine characterization and plenty of surprises. The pace is relentless and the language vivid. Early on, the reader is graced with this description of...

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