Death and the Detective.

Position:The Mystery/Suspense Shelf - Brief article - Book review

Death and the Detective

Jess Faraday, editor

Elm Books

1175 Highway 130, Laramie, WY 82070

9780988611627, $14.95, 266pp,

Synopsis: "Death and the Detective" is comprised of eleven stories each of which feature an investigator and a death of some kind. But the fertile imaginations of our authors will take you on a wild ride from San Francisco to Massachusetts and back. We have a dead pig, dead lovers (straight and gay), a dead shoe salesman, suicide, lots of arson, fortuitous accidents, setups, and even a touch of romance. Our diverse detectives include a few PIs, some cops, some ex-cops, an insurance adjuster, ATF, a security guard, and a pair of Shadow Wolves-formidable Native American trackers who work with Homeland Security. We bring you double-crosses, revenge, things to prove, people just asking for it, and a...

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