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Author:Zack, Ian
Position:TEACHER'S EDITION - Editorial

It's been 60 years since the Korean War ended in a fragile truce between North Korea and South Korea. But recently, threats from the North's young dictator, Rim Jong Un, to launch nuclear strikes against the South and the United States have heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula. Our cover stow looks at the secretive totalitarian regime in North Korea and why the U.S. is taking Kim's threats so seriously.

Most Americans have come to associate drones with the hunt for terrorists in places like Yemen and Pakistan. Now the unmanned aircraft are finding applications closer to home. Law enforcement agencies around the U.S. view camera-equipped drones as a potentially cost-effective tool for doing police work, and there are commercial uses too. But will domestic drones violate Americans' right to privacy?

As Syria's bloody...

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