Dear reader.

AuthorMosig, Allison

Dear Reader,

On behalf of the Editorial Board and Staff of the Transnational Law Review, I am proud to present Volume XL, Issue 1, the first issue of our fortieth year of publication.

The Suffolk Transnational Law Review was created in 1976 by a group of Suffolk Law students who wanted to combine their interests in international law and legal writing. The first volume was published in 1977 and the Transnational Law Review became an official publication of the school in 1978. Over the last forty years, the Transnational Law Review has emerged as a nationally and internationally recognized publication.

As the world continues to globalize, so too does the importance of international law. Transnational Law Review continues to provide its members and subscribers with the opportunity to develop an understanding of both public and private international legal issues. The Journal originally focused on the private aspects of the relations of nations, including admiralty, international trade and commerce, and immigration. Over the last forty years, globalization has changed the practice of law, with an increasing need for lawyers to understand principles of international law and the effect of these principles on global issues. The Transnational Law Review has adapted along with these changes and widened the scope of topics to include all aspects of international law. This fortieth volume includes works that span...

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