Dear Friends and Colleagues.

Author:Harrington, Lawrence J.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The idea that people are an organization's most valuable asset isn't new. However, what is new is the difficulty that internal audit leaders are having in attracting, developing, and retaining talent in today's marketplace. The economy is picking up and internal audit professionals have lots of options. In this issue of Your Career Compass, you'll discover strategies for recruiting talent, developing your team's skill sets, and fully realizing the benefits of certification.

Five years ago brand wasn't discussed much in internal audit circles, but today it's an area of intense focus. You don't get invited to the table if your internal audit function doesn't have the right brand. You also don't recruit and retain top talent without the right brand. Neither are you promoted without the right personal brand. Talent management is a critical risk for internal audit leaders today. Internal...

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