Dear EarthTalk: I heard about something called the Green Cafe Network.

Author:Stevenson, Jane
Position:Earth Island Institute

Dear EarthTalk: I heard about something called the Green Cafe Network. What is it and what are they trying to accomplish for the environment?--Jane Stevenson, Los Angeles, CA

The Green Cafe Network (GCN), a project of the non-profit Earth Island Institute, seeks to reduce Americans' environmental impacts by greening the coffeehouse industry and harnessing cafe culture for community environmental awareness. By educating and working with cafe owners and staff, GCN helps network members reduce waste, save energy, conserve water and increase community stewardship. GCN's 30-plus cafes scattered across Northern California (as well as one in New York City and another in Keshena, Wisconsin) are committed to reducing their carbon footprints, promoting environmental responsibility and generally operating in as sustainable a manner as possible.

The approach of the GCN is to build on the influence of key institutions--neighborhood cafes and Americans' infatuation with coffee--to try to raise environmental awareness and spur individual action. The idea is that when people see their local cafe as a positive example of green business practices and community building, there is a ripple effect, and the community is strengthened accordingly.

For cafes interested in getting involved, GCN provides personalized consulting services to help owners reduce their ecological footprints, enhance and streamline their operations, and set a visible good example of environmental responsibility for the community at large. Services can address specific areas in need of attention, such as energy and water conservation, waste reduction, toxics minimization and eco-friendly purchasing, and also overall efforts to green the business from top to bottom. GCN can also consult on green building issues in the design, construction and remodel phases of a cafe's lifecycle. With a project tagline of "Love Our...

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