Deans' reception and dinner.

Author:Ujczo, Daniel D.
Position:PROCEEDINGS OF THE CANADA-UNITED STATES LAW INSTITUTE CONFERENCE on An Example of Cooperation and Common Cause: Enhancing Canada-United States Security and Prosperity Through the Great Lakes and North American Trade: Cleveland, Ohio April 2-4, 2009

Speaker--Daniel D. Ujczo

Speaker--Robert Rawson


MR. UJCZO: Good evening. I am Daniel Ujczo, the Managing Director of the Canada-United States Law Institute. (1) As you may recall, it was about this time last year that we convened in this very room to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Henry King's leadership of the Canada-United States Law Institute. It took Henry only about a year to create this annual conference. (2)

As I stated a few times this weekend, Henry suffered a health issue in the fall. He is at home recovering, and unfortunately could not join us. However, I think that he had the program in front of him throughout the day, because at the end of every session, I received a phone call. Of course, I made the mistake of not answering the call one time, because we were in the middle of the session and I said, "I am sorry Henry, the session ran a bit long." That statement was followed by a five minute lecture on how to keep the conference on time. One thing that we do want to do is let him know that we are thinking of him. Thus, we purchased a book for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the conference he created. (3) For those of you that desire to leave messages for Henry, we will take the notebook with us tomorrow when we debrief him on how the conference went. So, as you exit this evening if you would like to leave Henry a note, please do so, and we will make sure that he receives it.

I want to thank all of today's speakers and panelists, those scheduled for tomorrow, and in particular our panelists this evening: James Blanchard, Jessica LeCroy, Michael Kergin, and our moderator, David Crane. I also want to publicly recognize the members of our Executive Committee that are present this evening. (4) To borrow a phrase that Katie Friedman utilized during our last session, the Institute sits at the intersection of the academia and the real world. Our Executive Committee is comprised of representatives from our two founding institutions, Case Western Reserve University School of Law and The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law along with members of the private sector. (5) On the Canadian side, the members in attendance this evening are Selma Lussenburg, Michael Robinson of Fasken Martineau, and James McIlroy of McIlroy and McIlroy. (6) On the United States side, the members are Richard Newcomb of DLA Piper, Richard Cunningham of Steptoe and Johnson, and Donald Cameron of Troutman and Sanders. (7) I also thank...

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