Author:Dodson, Angela P.
Position:Between the lines: the inside scoop on what's happening the publishing industry


Virtually everyone else from first season of The Apprentice reality television show has already done a book or is planning to. Even the busy Donald already has several books to his credit. Now the last-fired Kwame Jackson is reportedly ready to publish his "workbook"--Taking the High Road--through the Jenkins Publishing Group. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth is also said to have at least a book proposal in the works. The second season's Stacie J. start "journaling" if she hasn't.

Joe Jackson toured Europe to promote his book The Jacksons: The Golden Truth About the Jackson Family on his singing, dancing, headline-making clan. it was released by Random House in Germany and quickly went into a second printing, 80,000 copies in all. Jackson apparently wanted to hold onto United States rights until Michael Jackson's legal troubles are resolved.

Bob Herbert, columnist for The New York Times. will have his writings collected in Promises Betrayed, making the case that America too often fails to be just, Sold to Paul Golob at Times Books, for publication in spring 2005.

Marcus Reeves, a writer/journalist/cultural critic, has signed an under-$100,000 deal with Farrar Straus & Giroux for his book Somebody Scream! Rap Music's Rise in the Aftershock of Black Power. Ayesha Pande acquired the North American Rights from agent Manie Barron for the William Morris Agency Barron has since joined the Claudia Menza Literary Agency.

Karega Kofi Moyo's Real Men Cook: Rites, Rituals & Recipes for Living, based on the successful charity event, was sold to Cherise Davis at Touchstone Fireside, in a six-figure deal, by Undo Konner...

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