Dealers face fight in Illinois.

Author:Moldae, Jade

The industry is facing a fresh threat in Illinois, where the Illinois State Senate narrowly passed Senate Bill 1657 (The Gun Dealer Licensing Act). As of press time, it had been sent to the Illinois House floor for final consideration by the chamber. If passed and signed into law, this bill would mandate state licensing for all Illinois firearm dealers--imposing burdensome regulations designed to price firearms retailers out of business in the state.

SB 1657 poses a real threat to Illinois' independent dealers, as it will require several state licenses (in addition to a federal license) for them to continue operating their businesses. It will also create an extensive bureaucratic oversight process. Additionally, this bill will negatively impact private citizens who own firearms as well, by limiting them to nine firearm transfers a year.

In the buildup to the state senate passage, there was a firestorm involving the Illinois Firearms Manufacturers Association (IFMA)--a trade organization formed by Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms and several other Illinois-based manufacturers to promote the...

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