Deadly Laws: A Bryson Coventry Thriller.

AuthorCouture, Alan J.
PositionBook review

Work Title: Deadly Laws: A Bryson Coventry Thriller

Work Author(s): Jim Michael Hansen

Dark Sky Publishing

419 pages, Softcover $13.95


ISBN: 9780976924333

Reviewer: Alan J. Couture

An ominous voice on law student Kayla Beck's cell phone offers her a horrible choice: If Kayla doesn't try to rescue a kidnapped woman, the chained woman will starve to death -- or take another way out with the razor blade provided by her abductor.

Any attempt by Kayla to bring in the police will have disastrous results, warns the man; she is on her own. "You're her only hope," the grim voice concludes. "She has no one else. Only you."

Kayla's decision sets her along a dark and dangerous path; brutal criminals she had only read about in her law school books suddenly become very real, and extremely threatening. For example, in her attempt to discover the identity of the killer behind the chained woman's abduction, Kayla is caught after breaking into the creepy home of a Tarzan-like misogynist, with disastrous results.

Although she doesn't know it, Kayla has allies, including a Denver police detective who is working on stopping the trail of bodies left by the "Razor Blade Killer." Detective Bryson Coventry and an FBI profiler, Dr. Leanne Sanders, have teamed up to track down the killer, whose identity remains unclear to the reader as the plot unfolds; true to the...

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