A Day in the Life of a Millennial-Friendly Law Firm

AuthorJohn P. Box Jr.
A Day in the Life of
a Millennial-Friendly
Square peg, meet round hole. As Millennials entered the legal profession
roughly a decade ago, junior associates and senior partners discovered the
conundrum of the square peg–round hole. What motivated Boomer and
Gen X attorneys early in their careers simply failed to motivate young
Millennial attorneys. Initially, law firm management sought to make Mil-
lennials behave more like their Gen X and Boomer counterparts. This
attempt, however, proved futile. As Andrew Glincher, the chief executive
officer of Nixon Peabody, noted:
Several years ago, the attitude of the law-firm partners was,
“Millennials are going to have to be like us.” But very quickly,
they learned, they’re not going to be like us. And we need to
adapt. We need to be open to new ideas and keenly aware of
what motivates millennials. Especially if we want to attract and
retain the top talent.1
Although necessary to attract, motivate, and retain the top legal tal-
ent, being open to new ideas and adapting to a new model can feel
1. Brigid Schulte, Millennials Want an End to Hierarchies in the Workplace, Wash. Post, June 21, 2015.
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