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As I sit here thumbing through a recent issue of Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing, I'm struck by a line in LMA President Alycia Sutor's "President's Podium" message: "What if what we do really matters because we have the ability to impact the profession of law in a way that can change the world?"

Boy, that sounds nice, doesn't it? Changing the world, one lawyer at a time! She should trademark that line and do a "bus-and-truck" tour to every LMA chapter --take her message to the masses! I'm not being facetious, either, because I happen to believe Sutor's assertion that today's legal marketers can and will help shape the legacy of change in the legal industry for the next generation.

We do have the ability to impact the legal profession in profound and significant ways. When our firms seek to penetrate new markets, who do they come to for advice, research and guidance? When leadership wants to strengthen the firm's brand image in the marketplace, what team is at the center of developing and implementing that strategy? When our firms need to "cut corners" to meet revenue projections and protect partner profitability, who (oftentimes) sees the biggest budget hit? I'll give you a hint: It's not the compensation committee.

In this issue, we've chronicled the day of the chief...

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