DAVID BOJANINI, PRESIDENT OF SURA: "In such a fast-changing environment, without flexibility we're dead".

Author:Calderon, Pilar

One of the most successful multilatinas in execution of strategic plans is Grupo SURA. Twelve years ago, the Group had a presence only in Colombia; today it operates in ten countries in Latin America, and the SURA brand has high name recognition.

"We have achieved 110% of our expansion plans, and our positioning is beyond what we hoped for," president David Bojanini told Latin Trade in an interview.

Bojanini attributes the success to factors like higher growth due to the possibilities that a larger market opens up, and to the Group's pool of talent, a factor that rates as the company's main competitive advantage. "We believe in collective intelligence," he said.

At SURA it's understood that the world is changing very quickly and that new trends demand constant oversight. "In such a fast-changing environment, without flexibility we're dead," Bojanini said. "We don't try to change the strategic focus so much as the direction, reviewing the strategy and setting out alternatives, often by trial and error."

One of the biggest obstacles for SURA in meeting its objectives is instability in the rules of the game, particularly in highly regulated businesses like pensions. Responding to regulatory changes requires adaptability. "In light of the drop in commissions in several coyptries, we've had to learn to be more efficient to compensate for the reduction in income," he said.


In this growth process, technology has been fundamental for expanding to reach more than 40 million clients. "We need analytics to know them, robotics for more agile processes and fewer errors, and artificial intelligence...

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